charm Quotes

I want to become a person that is frank and pure with a healthy energy, a person with an unpredictable charm who acts accordingly regardless of what clothes I'm put in.
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— Kwon Yuri
His attitude, though always bad, has changed since he helped me prep the Pandora charm for Morgan. He thinks I'm falling for her, as ridiculous as that sounds, and he might be tempted to take matters into his hands.
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— Kim Harrison
Love has the power that dispels death; charm that conquers the enemy.
tags: enemies power enemy charm
— Khalil Gibran
Maybe I'm old, but to me, "going out' means going out to dinner. It's about the conversation: someone recognizing your intellect, the charm of flirting, and really speaking to somebody.
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— Keri Russell
In most writers, style is a welcome, an invitation, a letting down of the drawbridge between the artist and the world. Shaw had no time for such ruses. Unlike most of his countrymen, he abominated charm, which he regarded as evidence of chronic temperamental weakness.
tags: time world weakness artist charm
— Kenneth Tynan
Although, of course, my definition of evil is not everybody else's. Evil is being involved in the glamour and charm of material existence, glamour in its old Gaelic sense meaning enchantment with the look of things, rather than the soul of things.
tags: evil meaning soul existence definition charm
— Kenneth Anger
This is Buffalo, New York. It's like. Scranton without the charm.
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— Ken Ludwig
There must be something innate about maps, about this one specific way of picturing our world and our relation to it, that charms us, calls to us, won't let us look anywhere else in the room if there's a map on the wall.
tags: world charm
— Ken Jennings
Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are pretty wonderful.
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— Kathleen Winsor
Think, Travel, Celebrate, Charm, Decorate, Dress, Live - colorfully
tags: travel live charm
— Kate Spade
Once there was a gypsy queen who wore on her wrist a chain of six lucky charms - a golden crown, a silver horse, a butterfly caught in amber, a cat's eye shell, a bolt of lightning forged from the heart of a falling star, and the flower of the rue plant, herb of grace. The queen gave each of her six children one of the charms as their lucky talisman, but ever since the chain of charms was broken, the gypsies had been dogged with misfortune.
tags: children heart grace star eyes child broken flowers cat gypsy butterfly charm
— Kate Forsyth
My city. I pondered that phrase, wondered why Barrons felt that way. He never said "our world." He always said "your world." But he called Dublin his city. Merely because he'd been in it so long? Or had Barrons, like me, been beguiled by her tawdry grace, fallen for her charm and colorful dualities? I looked around "my" bookstore. That was what I called it. Did we call the things of our heart our own, whether they were or not?
tags: heart grace charm
— Karen Marie Moning
I'm a bartender. I like recipes. They're concretes. Was the drink recipe for seduction one shot charm and two shots self-deception, shaken, not stirred?
tags: charm
— Karen Marie Moning
I pulled Lena's necklace out of my pocket. I let the charms roll around in my palm, but they were tangled and meaningless without her. The necklace was heavier than I imagined, or maybe it was the weight of my conscience.
tags: conscience charm
— Kami Garcia
There's a lust in man, no charm can tame, of loudly publishing our neighbor's shame.
tags: men lust shame charm
— Juvenal
The warmth of his embrace soaked into me, a powerful charm against the dark things.
tags: dark powerful charm
— Juliet Marillier
You're tough when you need to be, and you can charm the pants off men who have three times your experience. Well, yes. Although I try not to take advantage of that too often. Very awkward negotiating with people who are sitting around in their underwear.
tags: time men people experience charm advantage
— Julie James
I think there is an immense charm and humanity about the Bollywood structure, probably in the way there was about Hollywood film in the '30s and '40s. Somehow they were less distracted about hardware, and more about production values and people, you know?
tags: humanity people value film charm
— Julian Sands
I'm convinced that it's energy and humor. The two of them combined equal charm.
tags: humor energy charm
— Judith Krantz
Music hath the charm to soothe a savage beast, but I'd try a revolver first.
tags: music savage charm
— Josh Billings
There is a sort of charm in ugliness, if the person has some redeeming qualities and is only ugly enough.
tags: people quality charm
— Josh Billings
Direct, forceful, energetic. Loves power, eats up publicity and flattery... Can turn on charm at will and knows it.
tags: power charm
— Joseph Stilwell
It may be said that it is with our thoughts as with our flowers. Those whose expression is simple carry their seed with them; those that are double by their richness and pomp charm the mind, but produce nothing.
tags: thoughts flowers mind charm
— Joseph Joubert
Criticism even should not be without its charms. When quite devoid of all amenities, it is no longer literary.
tags: criticism charm
— Joseph Joubert
Illusion and wisdom combined are the charm of life and art.
tags: illusion wisdom charm
— Joseph Joubert
It is the melody which is the charm of music, and it is that which is most difficult to produce. The invention of a fine melody is a work of genius.
tags: work music genius charm
— Joseph Haydn
A virtuous mind in a fair body is indeed a fine picture in a good light, and therefore it is no wonder that it makes the beautiful sex all over charms.
tags: beautiful wonder body sex mind charm
— Joseph Addison
True greatness means that, even if you forget what you've done for others, you never forget what others have done for you. It means always doing your utmost to repay debts of gratitude. Such people radiate integrity, depth of character, bigheartedness and charm.
tags: character integrity people gratitude greatness true charm
— Josei Toda
Charm is a product of the unexpected.
tags: charm
— Jose Marti
Death doesn't make you sad- it makes you empty. That's what's so bad about it. All of your charms and beliefs and funny habits fall fast through a big black hole, and suddenly you know they're gone because just as suddenly, there's nothing left at all inside.
tags: belief death funny bad gone black charm
— Jonathan Carroll
I'm thrilled to be asked to host the Academy Awards for the second time because, as they say, the third time's a charm.
tags: time charm
— Jon Stewart
Ringo Starr may not have much of a voice, but when he sang a song on a Beatle album, it had its own special charm.
tags: song charm
— Jon Landau
Some proofs command assent. Others woo and charm the intellect. They evoke delight and an overpowering desire to say, 'Amen, Amen'.
tags: desires charm
— John William Strutt
The name of Jesus, like a secret charm, awakened similar emotions in the hearts of all the converts, and called immediately into action every feeling of moral loveliness, and every desire of dutiful obedience, which constitute Christian purity.
tags: desires secret heart action emotion christian jesus morals charm
— John Strachan
The secret of language is the secret of sympathy, and its full charm is possible only to the gentle
tags: secret language charm
— John Ruskin
What do you suppose makes all men look back to the time of childhood with so much regret (if their childhood has been, in any moderate degree, healthy or peaceful)? That rich charm, which the least possession had for us, was in consequence of the poorness of our treasures.
tags: time men regret healthy childhood charm consequence
— John Ruskin
Eloquence the soul, song charms the senses.
tags: soul song charm
— John Milton
Charm is a glow within a woman which casts a most becoming light on others.
tags: women charm
— John Mason Brown
Nature eschews regular lines; she does not shape her lines by a common model. Not one of Eve's numerous progeny in all respects resembles her who first culled the flowers of Eden. To the infinite variety and picturesque inequality of nature we owe the great charm of her uncloying beauty.
tags: beauty nature respect flowers charm
— John Greenleaf Whittier
If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, The mist is dispell'd when a woman appears; Like the notes of a fiddle, she sweetly, sweetly Raises the spirits, and charms our ears.
tags: men women heart care spirit charm
— John Gay