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    celebrity Quotes

    The celebrity culture demands a camera-ready-at-all-times look or else the photo is circulated in a demeaning headline.
    — Zoe Cassavetes
    tags: culture  celebrity  photo 
    There is snobbery in the idea that the modern cult of celebrity has not touched the lofty realm of letters. We are like visitors to a garden or flower show who wander the pathways and do not notice the beautiful flora but instead exchange murmurs about the appearance of the soil.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    I think my goal is not even with celebrities. I love celebrities, but my goal is to walk down the street and just see people wearing my stuff - that is the goal!
    — Zendaya
    tags: people  celebrity  goal 
    I would love to be a voice in this maelstrom of chaos and obsessive celebrity infatuation that says, 'Let's talk about something that matters'.
    — Zachary Quinto
    tags: chaos  celebrity 
    I don't know why people were so upset with me. Prince got his own symbol. I just wanted to adopt the handicap symbol as my own so I could park in handicap spots. Deformed people should be honored to park so close to me. Meeting a celebrity like me may give them hope in their mistake of a life.
    — Zach Braff
    One of the things I like about being a celebrity is that you can get away with murder. Not just metaphorically, literally. Remember that annoying blond dog reporter at E News used to talk smack about me? I paid two mobsters five million dollars each to throw her off the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: murder  celebrity  dog 
    I do a lot of conferences, and I did a campaign with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation called "Just Say Hi." They get celebrities to record little messages about how you start a conversation with someone who has a disability, which is to "Just say hi."
    — Zach Anner
    tags: celebrity 
    Bobby is the most misunderstood, misquoted celebrity walking the face of this earth
    — Yasser Seirawan
    tags: earth  celebrity 
    I want to be part of a different kind of celebrity, one that thinks not just about charity but policy.
    — Wyclef Jean
    tags: charity  celebrity 
    I don't consider myself an A-list celebrity or a big dog, but every time I meet somebody, even rappers who've been in the game for years... they're like, 'Man, I'm trying to get on your level.'
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: time  men  celebrity  dog  games  year 
    I'm a really private person. I just love my work. I feel like celebrity has changed so much, in this culture. Ever since they started with those reality shows and people that aren't actors but they're really famous, it's gotten very different from when I started out. So, the idea of ever becoming more than what I had is not really what I want.
    — Winona Ryder
    It's part of the celebrity process but my life has never been as interesting or as wild as what's been printed about me.
    — Winona Ryder
    tags: process  wild  celebrity 
    But I've always felt a need to have a life which is completely separate - at least as far as possible - from the kind of illusory lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity.
    — Winona Ryder
    My pastor said, Just because you were a celebrity doesn't mean you're supposed to be a celebrity now.
    — Willie Aames
    tags: celebrity 
    When you're a celebrity, people think they know you, but they don't have a clue.
    — Willie Aames
    tags: people  celebrity 
    I can't stand the gossip of celebrities' lives, all the time! Every minute!
    — William Shatner
    tags: live  celebrity 
    And I enjoyed the celebrity and the creativity that was involved in Star Trek.
    — William Shatner
    Now I'm seen by more people in one episode than I was in 20 years of theatre and movies. It's gratifying to have an impact on 25 million people a night, but I can say goodbye to my lunch-pail life as a working actor. I'm scared I might be a celebrity.
    — William Petersen
    The experience of celebrity is gradually being democratized.
    — William Gibson
    It seems as though everyone is going to the currency of celebrity. Everyone's getting their own account of whatever that currency is. That's something neat.
    — William Gibson
    tags: celebrity 
    I love to utilize my celebrity status in a responsible and constructive and substantive manner. I like to get my hands dirty rather than a photo op.
    — William Baldwin
    tags: celebrity  photo 
    Celebrity is okay as long as you know it's not about you.
    — Willem Dafoe
    tags: celebrity 
    Most of these people who are celebrities now don't do anything to deserve it, so by that fact alone, I don't want to be one.
    — will.i.am
    tags: people  alone  facts  celebrity 
    In terms of the class structure that you see so much in European portraiture, I don't think one feels that in America in the 21st century. But we have these other kinds of social structures now, like celebrity, who establish new hierarchies.
    — Will Cotton
    tags: celebrity  america 
    Roger Ebert was a very valiant soldier of cinema who passed away, and we miss him. It's over with serious discourse about cinema in the print media and on television. It has been replaced by celebrity news. So we are speaking in his spirit always.
    — Werner Herzog
    tags: celebrity  media  spirit 
    Maybe it's your obligation to use your celebrity for more than just your new BMW. I use mine to make people smile.
    — Wendy Williams
    tags: people  smile  celebrity 
    Folks, Brian Williams isn't the exception. He's exactly what they've taught us to expect from them all. It's not journalism any more - it's entertainment, it's celebrity, it's agendas and it's money. All too often, a lie is now an acceptable way of communicating. To the media, a lie has as much value as the truth.
    — Wayne LaPierre
    tags: truth  lies  value  celebrity  media  money 
    There is no fact-checking on tertiary celebrities. You can say whatever you'd like, and it will just rise up again.
    — Wayne Knight
    tags: celebrity 
    What gets me is when celebrities aren't allowed to have an opinion on anything political. There's the whole 'Shut up and sing' thing.
    — Wanda Sykes
    I'm not really caught up with celebrity women. I think a regular girl that goes to school or works at a Complex or Spin or Blender or whatever, one of those magazines. She'd probably be flyer to me than the person she's writing about.
    — Wale
    Kidney disease is a low-profile, unglamorous problem, a disease that disproportionately strikes minorities and the poor. Its celebrity spokesman is blue-collar comedian George Lopez, who received a kidney from his wife.
    — Virginia Postrel
    tags: problem  poor  celebrity  wife 
    All celebrities are real people behind everything.
    — Vinny Guadagnino
    tags: people  real  celebrity 
    My house has always been like everyone's house. You walk in, you're a part of the family, no matter who you are, what celebrity status you are, everyone is treated the same - with love from my mom.
    — Vinny Guadagnino
    tags: celebrity 
    I keep it real normal, like I don't try to act like a celebrity, or say that just because I'm on a TV show I can do other types of TV. I take it very seriously and I respect the art of acting.
    — Vinny Guadagnino
    tags: respect  real  celebrity 
    I look up to Jimmy Fallon. He hosts talk shows as a fan himself, and that's how I do it. When the celebrities come in, I'm excited that they're there. It's not just like a formal, 'Hey, how are ya?' It's like, 'Dude, what the hell! So happy to see you!' That's what Jimmy Fallon does every time.
    — Vinny Guadagnino
    tags: time  celebrity 
    I was offered 'I'm A Celebrity...' for a lot of money, but I don't like the level of degradation.
    — Vinnie Jones
    tags: celebrity  money 
    The reality is that most celebrity defendants are extremely unknowledgeable, naive and vulnerable, and if they get into trouble they usually call their lawyer friends who handle criminal cases. And if they do not know any, they call their business lawyers, who then refer them to lawyer friends of theirs who handle criminal cases. It's very incestuous.
    — Vincent Bugliosi
    I moved out at 18. I always studied classes and trained a lot, you know. I think nowadays is such a different time because there's so many channels promoting the celebrity aspect of things.
    — Vince Vaughn
    tags: time  celebrity 
    I've been that celebrity on the red carpet, and I appreciate that something hasn't got to just look good from the front, from the back, it's got to look good at all angles.
    — Victoria Beckham
    You have to remember that when you are a performer you become a celebrity, but you are not saving lives. It's not that important.
    — Victoria Beckham
    tags: live  celebrity 
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