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I've never found a client's business problem that could be solved solely through advertising.
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— Lee Clow
Advertising can be a very frustrating business.
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— Lee Clow
We have never seen a career like George Strait's in this business, and I venture to say we never will again. He has handled things amazingly well.
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— Lee Ann Womack
I think it is very important in this business to be an individual
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— Lee Ann Womack
A lot of times in this business, we are taking advantage of hot times in our career to do a lot of TV and a lot of radio and that sort of thing, and George is able to be so humble that he can get away with not doing those things.
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— Lee Ann Womack
Know the business you're in for whatever you do, know it and understand how it works so you can be successful.
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— Ledisi
The modern athlete is an individual corporation. I'm not quite sure it's very good for sport, or good for team work, or those different things that sport says it's about. This is about business.
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— LeBron James
When I used to work for Reverend Jesse Jackson he would say, "You've got to know the rules in order to break the rules." The 1988 campaign of Reverend Jesse Jackson made fundamental changes to the way Democrats do business.
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— Leah D. Daughtry
It's actually shocking to me how hard it's been to get back into the movie business.
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— Lea Thompson
I'd love to be able to play all different roles, whether it's Maureen in Rent or Maria in West Side Story. I would just love to be involved in this business forever.
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— Lea Michele
I'm such a fan of Idina Menzel! I think she's made a wonderful career in this business. I love her so much, and any role she's played, I'd love to be able to follow in her footsteps.
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— Lea Michele
As an actor, the last thing you ever want to end up on is just a procedural show where you're just a talking head. There's nothing worse than just spitting out words. Words interrupt performance. Performance is king in my world, when it comes to why I'm in this business.
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— Laz Alonso
By 1969, when I celebrated 45 years in the music business, I also had 45 people in our musical family.
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— Lawrence Welk
There are children who are working in textile businesses in Asia who would be prostitutes on the streets if they did not have those jobs
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— Lawrence Summers
I saw the end of the general magazine business at the end of the '70s, and I knew I had to move into another profession when the advertising dollar moved from magazines to television. The magazine business as we knew it was over. We were no longer the educators of the world.
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— Lawrence Schiller
Anybody who wants to go into any business, I always say that you have to make a commitment to yourself to make it a part of your nature like the air you breathe. I don't mean that lightly. It's hard. You have to do the work, and a lot of it is going to be during your own personal downtime. And you have to be interested in it. You can never study enough, and you can never learn enough.
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— Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
There is a natural partnership between State and Commerce, and the American business community to work together to educate the United States about marketing overseas.
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— Lawrence Eagleburger
The question really is how do we get Embassy Officers into the minds of the American business community. That is a much more difficult task than understanding a statistical matrix.
— Lawrence Eagleburger
Trump might well choose to renege on US obligations (so much for the sanctity of contracts!) and no doubt he would have the agreement of Zionist politicians like Schumer. But the consequences will be the increased isolation of the US - particularly from Europe, whose businesses will just move into Iran while US companies will lose out.
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— Lawrence Davidson
My guess is that Trump will begin withdrawing troops from Europe at a slow pace. He will demand a renovation of the Iran Accord and get nowhere with this. There might be more US sanctions on Iran. However, the Iranians will not compromise with Trump, and barring a naval confrontation in the Persian Gulf, it will be US businesses that will suffer and Trump's frustration level that will go up.
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— Lawrence Davidson
People tend to look at their businesses from the inside out - that is, they get so focused on making and selling their products that they lose awareness of the needs and buying behaviors of their customers.
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— Lawrence Bossidy
Execution is the job of the business leader.
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— Lawrence Bossidy
Edwards said he would like to be remembered for the impact he has had on the lives of his players. In this business we are judged by wins and losses in the media. I don't discount that, but I've never concerned myself much with that . . . except that it helps me stay employed.
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— LaVell Edwards
I've had a lot of friends in the business that got out earlier than normal. They tell me they got out too early and that I should make sure I've got all I want before I step aside. When I do get out, there are other things that I want to do with my life.
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— LaVell Edwards
As writers, we live very much in our own minds much of the time, buzzing in our unconscious spaces as we go about the business of living in the world.
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— Laurie Foos
If someone was to tally the number of human hours wasted in business by people trying to accomplish objectives without being given the authority to do so, we would all be appalled.
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— Laurie Beth Jones
Countries should think of Haiti not as a place where to do charity but a place where to invest and do business. And doing business in Haiti means poverty reduction.
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— Laurent Lamothe
We must consider bringing forward legislation that will facilitate the creation and implementation of businesses in Haiti. Overall, we must better position the country to compete for new market opportunities.
— Laurent Lamothe
If death, said my father, reasoning with himself, is nothing but the separation of the soul from the body;-and if it is true that people can walk about and do their business without brains,-then certes the soul does not inhabit there.
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— Laurence Sterne
The parent-adolescent relationship is like a partnership in which the senior partner (the parent) has more expertise in many areasbut looks forward to the day when the junior partner (the adolescent) will take over the business of running his or her own life.
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— Laurence Steinberg
The Broader interpretation that often seems to underlie the new economy label is that we are witnessing a more fundamental change in the paradigm. The old rules no longer apply. Throw out the NAIRU. Heck, throw out supply and demand. No limits, no business cycles.
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— Laurence Meyer
When there's an opportunity, some people pass it by. I've been lucky enough to recognise opportunities and every day, in my business, there's an opportunity somewhere - to buy, expand, design.
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— Laurence Graff
I think I have a vested interest in thinking that the lyrics are important, but I think for us it's important that we all write things that mean something to us, and I think we're not really in the business of writing la-la-love-you chart pop songs. It needs to have a personal pulling in the gut for me, to want to write anything about it.
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— Lauren Mayberry
It's also show business. It's not "show fun friends".
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— Lauren Graham
I called my business manager in California and said, 'Sell all of my stock' - what little of it I had - and it's the only smart financial move I ever made.
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— Lauren Bacall
As the longest-running women's professional sports league in the country, the WNBA is a great product comprising 132 of the best female athletes in the world. And when you look beyond the players to owners, coaches, trainers, accountants, and chief operating officers - it's a wonderful example of what women can achieve in sports and in business.
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— Laurel J. Richie
Once you do embark upon the separation or divorce process, it is very important to remember three key things: Be kind, be reasonable, be brief. Remember that this person will no longer be your spouse, but he or she will continue to be your co-parent, family member and perhaps business partner in certain assets or entities.
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— Laura Wasser
We've already seen shifts happening in some of the big companies - Google, Apple - that now understand how vulnerable their customer data is, and that if it's vulnerable, then their business is, too, and so you see a beefing up of encryption technologies. At the same time, no programs have been dismantled at the governmental level, despite international pressure.
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— Laura Poitras
But there is so much more to do for the city we love... a Dallas with roads as strong as our businesses, parks as beautiful as our children, a downtown as tall as our imagination.
— Laura Miller
The goal seems to me at times just to be business first.
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— Laura Linney