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    brain Quotes

    The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind in us, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the divine eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored.
    — Zsuzsanna Budapest
    tags: work  live  brain  divine  mind 
    Our brain needs comfort. When you irritate it, you cannot think.
    — Zoran
    tags: brain  comfort 
    Our brains are very animal but also very strange and egotistical. We're narcissistic.
    — Zoe Saldana
    tags: animals  brain 
    I don't feel like I have a super straightforward relationship with the idea of fame. It makes me sort of level things out in my own brain almost immediately when I meet someone.
    — Zoe Kazan
    There are a lot of words that I knew first as a reader, and I never put the pieces together in my brain. The word segue I thought was pronounced "seeg," I think until I went to college, which is horribly embarrassing.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: thoughts  brain  college 
    Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, "I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    I try to shut my brain down as much as possible. And let the melodies flow, if possible.
    — Zach Condon
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    Science, in all its greatness, is still subject to human creativity. It starts the first moment a child tries to reach up and grab at the clouds. Soon, the child learns that his own hands cannot reach the sky, but his hands are not the limit of his potential. For the human brain observes, considers, understands, and adapts. Locked within the mind is infinite possibility.
    — Yukito Kishiro
    My brain can think faster than I can, Im not fast enough.Who is there to talk tothat wont lock me up?
    — Youth Lagoon
    tags: brain 
    You should never put the new antlers of a deer to your nose and smell them. They have little insects that crawl into the nose and devour the brain.
    — Yoshida Kenko
    tags: brain 
    When I'm putting some communication out on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, I think that it's helping me, my brain, you know, because it's always somehow stimulated by people who are sending things to me. And it works both ways. It's great. My brain is very happy about it.
    — Yoko Ono
    I trust in my inspiration, really, and that's difficult because sometimes you would rather be technical. And once you empty your mind, empty your brain, it's really incredible. I'm very caring about things that dash into my brain, and I make sure I don't just clog it.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: trust  brain  mind 
    Practicing is not only playing your instrument, either by yourself or rehearsing with others - it also includes imagining yourself practicing. Your brain forms the same neural connections and muscle memory whether you are imagining the task or actually doing it.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: memory  brain 
    When the melody touches your heart emotionally and the words hit your brain intellectually, more than likely you'll find you'll have an excellent song to sing.
    — Yip Harburg
    tags: heart  brain  song 
    My advice is that you should use your brains more and train less.
    — Yiannis Kouros
    tags: advice  brain 
    It was clear: I was sick. I never used to dream. They say in the old days it was the most normal thing in the world to have dreams. Which makes sense: Their whole life was some kind of horrible merry-go-round of green, orange, Buddha, juice. But today we know that dreams point to a serious mental illness. And I know that up to now my brain has checked out chronometrically perfect, a mechanism without a speck of dust.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    Of course, I'm aware of the animosities destroying brain cells on both sides, and I know all about the obstinacy of the warring parties, their refusal to reach an agreement, their devotion to their own murderous hatred.
    — Yasmina Khadra
    tags: hatred  brain 
    The camera is not only an extension of the eye but of the brain. It can see sharper, farther, nearer, slower, faster than the eye. It can see by invisible light. It can see in the past, present, and future. Instead of using the camera only to reproduce objects, I wanted to use it to make what is invisible to the eye - visible.
    — Wynn Bullock
    tags: future  past  present  eyes  brain 
    I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: brain 
    There's not an idea in our heads that has not been worn shiny by someone else's brains.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: brain  ideas 
    Scholarship cannot do without literature.... It needs literature to float it, to set it current, to authenticate it to all the race, to get it out of closets and into the brains of men who stir abroad.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: men  brain  literature  race 
    A fierce and monkish art; a castigation of the flesh. You must cut out your imagination and not fly an airplane but regulate a half-dozen instruments . . . .At first, the conflicts between animal sense and engineering brain are irresistibly strong.
    — Wolfgang Langewiesche
    Our riches, being in our brains, die with us... Unless of course someone chops off our head, in which case, we won't need them anyway.
    — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    tags: brain  die 
    There are things God does for me daily, and it throws me into brain lock, because I know in my heart I don't deserve that kind of grace. I don't deserve that break.
    — Willie Aames
    tags: heart  grace  brain  god 
    Keep your paragraphs short. Writing is visual - it catches the eye before it has a chance to catch the brain.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: chance  eyes  brain  writing 
    my brain had begun to endure its familiar siege: panic and dislocation, and a sense that my thought processes were being engulfed by a toxic and unnameable tide that obliterated any enjoyable response to the living world.
    — William Styron
    I was one who liked to work with my hands as well as my brain.
    — William Standish Knowles
    tags: work  brain 
    Techniques such as genetic engineering, psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, 'safe' organisms.
    — William Sims
    A brain can improve till it fits its environment.
    — William Ross Ashby
    tags: environment  brain 
    Any man who has the brains to think and the nerve to act for the benefit of the people of the country is considered a radical by those who are content with stagnation and willing to endure disaster.
    — William Randolph Hearst
    tags: men  people  brain  radical 
    religion is about having the right answers, and some of their answers are right... but i am about the process that takes you to the living answer... it will change you from the inside. there are a lot of smart people who are able to say a lot of right things from their brain because they have been told what the right answers are, but they don't know me at all.
    — William P. Young
    tags: smart  people  living  process  right  brain 
    There are only two sorts of doctors; those who practise with their brains, and those who practise with their tongues.
    — William Osler
    tags: brain 
    Unlike any other nation, here the people rule, and their will is the supreme law. It is sometimes sneeringly said by those who do not like free government, that here we count heads. True, heads are counted, but brains also . . .
    — William McKinley
    tags: people  law  true  brain  rules  government 
    If a man has any brains at all, let him hold on to his calling, and, in the grand sweep of things, his turn will come at last.
    — William McCune
    tags: men  brain 
    I can be a bit of a science geek. I tend more towards reading about brain science, neuroscience.
    — William Mapother
    tags: brain  reading 
    What can you conceive more silly and extravagant than to suppose a man racking his brains, and studying night and day how to fly?
    — William Law
    tags: men  night  brain 
    You can't blame your opponents for applying a strategy that beats your brains out with regularity.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: brain  strategy 
    If this humor be the safety of our race, then it is due largely to the infusion into the American people of the Irish brain.
    — William Howard Taft
    tags: humor  people  brain  race  american 
    A man never knows exactly how the child of his brain will strike other people.
    — William Howard Taft
    tags: children  men  people  brain  child 
    By brain is meant, in the first instance, something more than the pink-grey jelly of the anatomist. It is, even to a scientist, the organ of imagination.
    — William Grey Walter
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