battle Quotes

We should never shy away from the challenges that face us out of fear of failure or an unwillingness to battle the odds. We should confront our problems head on and make no excuses.
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— Kyle Maynard
I think all great wrestlers appreciate a good BATTLE
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— Kyle Dake
It was a battle all day with our M&M's Camry. I don't know why, we just didn't have what we needed. We never seemed to have the ticket we needed today. We got better all day, which was a positive and salvaged something out of nothing - so all things considering it was okay. It's so late in the year, you're just running laps now and getting what you can get and seeing if you can win next weekend at Homestead to finish the year.
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— Kyle Busch
The fortunes of the African revolution are closely linked with the world-wide struggle against imperialism. It does not matter where the battle erupts, be it in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the master-mind and master-hand at work are the same. The oppressed and exploited people are striving for their freedom against exploitation and suppression. Ghana must not, Ghana cannot be neutral in the struggle of the oppressed against the oppressor.
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— Kwame Nkrumah
At long last, the battle has ended! And thus, Ghana, your beloved country is free forever!
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— Kwame Nkrumah
All the battles and wars I been through, and all the battle scars I got it's been a learning experience. Everything I been through made me the man I am so if it was different I would be different so I would say that I really learned something from every situation.
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— Kurupt
Like most people, I gave little thought during my life to the scourge of child pornography. But, I now know we are fighting a losing battle. The predators are sophisticated in the use of computers and talented in the manipulation of children.
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— Kurt Eichenwald
Eighty-two percent of Australia's bird species and two thirds of Australia's mammal species can be found on our (Australian Wildlife Conservancy) reserves. We put teams of people on the frontline in the battle against feral animals, wildfires and noxious weeds. Science underpins everything we do.
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— Kristy Hinze
Cliché openings in fantasy can include an opening scene set in a battle (and my peeve is that I don't know any of the characters yet so why should I care about this battle) or with a pastoral scene where the protagonist is gathering herbs (I didn't realize how common this is).
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— Kristin Nelson
I think... you know, collaboration, in general - no matter movies, television or Broadway - is offering of what you can bring to the table and also fighting what you think the important battles are. Not everything is going to make it in there. Not everything is going to work. You have to collaborate. And you have to be a good listener.
tags: work fighting battle movie
— Kristin Chenoweth
I write about the power of trying, because I want to be okay with failing. I write about generosity because I battle selfishness. I write about joy because I know sorrow. I write about faith because I almost lost mine, and I know what it is to be broken and in need of redemption. I write about gratitude because I am thankful - for all of it.
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— Kristin Armstrong
In the dancehall world, we have crews and they battle. It's part of the entire culture surrounding dancehall.
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— Kreesha Turner
I didn't know at the time that the energy that I was giving off was like a battle Emcee.
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— Kool Moe Dee
We shall not defeat any of the infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe drinking water, sanitation, and basic health care.
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— Kofi Annan
Children are our future and if we use them in battle, we are destroying the future. We must reclaim them, every one of them, one at a time.
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— Kofi Annan
Sadly, a prize for peace is a rarity in this world. Most nations have monuments or memorials to war, bronze salutations to heroic battles, archways of triumph. But peace has no parade, no pantheon of victory.
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— Kofi Annan
If a guitar is too easy for me to play, it makes me too laid back. I like to battle with my guitar.
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— Kirk Hammett
Listen before you draw your battle lines, lest you alienate your allies.
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— Kim Harrison
It's always an uphill battle to defeat a Supreme Court nominee, but this is a fight worth having.
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— Kim Gandy
More often than not, a hero's most epic battle is the one you never see; it's the battle that goes on within him or herself.
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— Kevin Smith
Money is my military, each dollar a soldier. I never send my money into battle unprepared and undefended. I send it to conquer and take currency prisoner and bring it back to me.
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— Kevin O'Leary
As a property developer, I learned a long time ago to choose your battles wisely and that, unfortunately, compromise is a given.
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— Kevin McCloud
As any war veteran will tell you, there is a vast difference between preparing for battle and actually facing battle for the first time.
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— Kevin Hearne
I can honestly say, after talking about my mom passing away, I got the biggest weight off of my chest. Comedy is my therapy. That's how I deal with my problems, my personal battles. I talk about it. I give it to my fans. When they laugh at it, it's a release, for lack of a better word.
tags: personal comedy problem battle
— Kevin Hart
Betsy DeVos, for example, has shown that she's flatly ignorant of an astounding amount of basic education policy. It might be possible to persuade two or three Republicans to oppose her on these grounds - but only if the entire confirmation process isn't a pure partisan battle.
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— Kevin Drum
Note to conservatives: sometimes you just have to give up. Do you really care that much about killing lots of bad guys as opposed to letting them rot in prison for the rest of their lives? It might be time to let go and save your energy for other battles. This one is getting absurd.
tags: time energy care bad battle prison absurd
— Kevin Drum
I have seen soldiers panic at the first sight of battle, and a squire pulling arrows from his body to fight and save his dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright, but is defined by one's actions.
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— Kevin Costner
Breathe, believe, and battle.' My former coach, Troy Tanner, told us that before each match. Breathe-be in the moment. Believe-have faith that you can rise above it. Battle-you gotta be prepared to go for as long as it takes.
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— Kerri Walsh
People think we have coasted the last four years. We fought, we had a lot of battles. We've always had to battle.
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— Kerri Walsh
World War II is the greatest drama in human history, the biggest war ever and a true battle of good and evil. I imagine writers will continue to get stories from it, and readers will continue to love them, for many more years.
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— Ken Follett
A clothing line is definitely something I've always wanted to do. I've done fashion shows and clothes for women that are plus sized. It's something that's very personal to me. I battle everyday like every full figured woman. My reason for moving to Los Angeles was to brand out.
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— Kelly Price
He lifted his brows. "If I really thought it was the absolute best thing for our kids, you'd have had a battle on your hands. That was just a debate." "With chair-throwing." "Heated debate. Fights involve chair-breaking. Chair-throwing is just getting your attention.
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— Kelley Armstrong
I have to. I've been fighting it all night. I'm going to lose. My battle is as futile as a woman feeling the first pangs of labor and deciding it's an inconvenient time to give birth. Nature wins out. It always does.
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— Kelley Armstrong
You have to go through tough experiences and go through some battles, in order to be stronger.
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— Keiynan Lonsdale
Given the brief - and generally misleading - exposure most people have to mathematics at school, raising the public awareness of mathematics will always be an uphill battle.
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— Keith Devlin
Man's greatest battle is being a true philosopher.
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— Kedar Joshi
Everything was a constant battle. My first film was beautiful. I got an amazing cast. That worked out great. Everything else was like murphy's law. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.
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— Katie Aselton
The resilience and the resourcefulness of people to make a better life, to survive, to give their children something better than they had, is so inspiring. I look at how hard it must be to get up every day and fight that battle and I think, Wow, anything I'm doing just has to be in service.
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— Kathy Calvin
But : We're still human. Human because we keep on battling against all these horrors, the horrors caused and not caused by us. We battle not in order to stay alive, that would be too materalistic, for we are body and spirit, but in order to love each other.
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— Kathy Acker
Not everyone can or will love you. You could run a cotton candy and unicorn farm and someone's gonna think you're an asshole. Everyone's fighting their own battle and it often has nothing to do with you.
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— Kathryn Budig