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I don't walk into a room with an authoritative stance. I tend to be a little more submissive, even though I think I have a certain amount of strength. So, it's tough for me to play authority without feeling uncomfortable.
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— Kristin Kreuk
With "marriage," the word gets applied to same-sex marriages by proponents and opponents alike. That means the word itself is changing, and we reflect this change. But because of the idea that the dictionary is the objective voice of authority over culture and knowledge, it reads like approval. It's not a helpful way of looking at lexicography.
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— Kory Stamper
Let us choose to unite the power of markets with the authority of universal ideals. Let us choose to reconcile the creative forces of private entrepreneurship with the needs of the disadvantaged and the requirements of future generations.
— Kofi Annan
Justice has taken its course and the authority and legitimacy of the legal process must be respected.
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— Kofi Annan
There is nobody I know by name who is concerned with collecting information for the Russian authorities. There are people whom I know by sight whom I trusted with my life.
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— Klaus Fuchs
There is a difference between being a leader and being a boss. Both are based on authority. A boss demands blind obedience; a leader earns his authority through understanding and trust.
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— Klaus Balkenhol
God speaks with authority on every subject including marriage and His advice trumps Oprah's every time.
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— Kirk Cameron
If there's anything mean in a feller, a litter authority will bring it out.
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— Kin Hubbard
I think most Americans have an innate respect for the police and for their authority.
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— Kimberly Guilfoyle
In my day, the president ruled with authority before the law, but now all that is lost.
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— Kim Young-sam
I think of myself as unconventional. I maybe always had a problem with authority, like a stubbornness about what's expected - despite wanting to get some recognition through performing - but also not always wanting to do the expected thing.
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— Kim Gordon
Before Gutenberg, there was this really very strong oral storytelling culture where being able to relay stories from person to person was sufficient. And then, with the introduction of printing and mass communication, suddenly somebody had a lot of authority invested in the idea of a single canonical expression of a document or a piece of communication.
— Khoi Vinh
Hamas' leadership needs new blood. I will continue to serve my people. But the presidency of the Palestinian Autonomous Authority is not a free, sovereign position - it is an office that is confined by the occupation. That's why this position is not interesting for Hamas.
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— Khaled Mashal
I don't use 'always do this,' 'never say that' and I never give advice because I'm not the end-all, be-all authority.
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— Kevyn Aucoin
But in a turbulent environment the change is so widespread that it just routes around any kind of central authority. So it is best to manage the bottom-up change rather than try to institute it from the top down.
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— Kevin Kelly
There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and foremost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius. It invariably goes like this: Someone shrugs off the weight of his cultural traditions, ignores the baleful stares of authority, and does something his countrymen think to be completely batshit insane. Of those, Galileo was my personal favorite. Van Gogh comes in second, but he really was batshit insane.
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— Kevin Hearne
You can think too highly of your interpretations of Scripture, but you cannot think too highly of Scriptures interpretation of itself. You can exaggerate your authority in handling the Scriptures, but you cannot exaggerate the Scriptures authority to handle you. You can use the word of God to come to wrong conclusions, but you cannot find any wrong conclusions in the word of God.
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— Kevin DeYoung
Inevitably in my career of 35 years, I was in one turnaround circumstance after another, and I was personally put in positions of significant responsibility but without complete authority over everyone that needed to be mobilized.
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— Kevin Allen
I find the growing intervention by the football authorities in strictly footballing matters a rather worrying trend.
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— Kenny Cunningham
We can expect the climate crisis industry to grow increasingly shrill, and increasingly hostile toward anyone who questions their authority.
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— Kenneth P. Green
Creation implies authority in the sense of originator. The possibility of a 'Fall' is implied in a Covenant insofar as the idea of a Covenant implies the possibility of its being violated.
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— Kenneth Burke
I undertake that, in the exercise of my functions of that office I will have regard to any guidance with respect to ethical standards issued by the secretary of state under Section 66 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.
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— Ken Livingstone
Imagine if we started raising generations of children who stood uncompromisingl y on the Word of God, knew how to defend the Christian faith, could answer the skeptical questions of this age, and had a fervor to share the gospel from the authority of God's Word with whomever they met! This could change the world.
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— Ken Ham
It's time for a new Reformation in the Church-to call the Church back to the authority of the Word of God, beginning in Genesis.
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— Ken Ham
People aren't blind. They know - they want to have a country where people who are coming in are known to our authorities, those who are in charge of this.
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— Kellyanne Conway
I didn't do anything as active as deciding that I wanted to be a writer. For one thing, I didn't feel like I was the final authority on whether or not I was anything like a writer. (I'm a timid soul.) I just kept writing stories, because becoming a veterinarian seemed as if it involved too much dissection.
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— Kelly Link
I had to take responsibility, even if it meant saying no to an authority figure, because I was the authority on me.
— Kelley Armstrong
A consultation process is what some authority sets in motion preparatory to doing what it intended all along.
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— Keith Waterhouse
After all, when you're talking about an authority figure oppressing against people, it's the people that hold that authority figure up. If you want to get free of this bondage, then we need to think about ways to free ourselves, rather than looking to the oppressors to free us.
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— Keith Stanfield
If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet.
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— Keith Richards
No Government has the moral authority to dismantle the universally understood meaning of marriage.
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— Keith O'Brien
That's what lordship is - Christ reigning as supreme authority over our life. Making Jesus Lord of our life is not something passive. It's not a state of being, it's a state of doing. Those whom Jesus recognizes as His own are those who do the will of His Father in heaven.
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— Keith Green
Other problems confront women in power. One is fine but two's a crowd seems to be an unspoken rule when the one wears a skirt. And those in authority have found ways to reward women for excluding others of their kind.
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— Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Governments ... should not force and govern belief, which is a matter for the heart and conscience not for temporal authorities.
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— Katharina Zell
The rationale which accompanies that imposition of male authority euphemistically referred to as 'the battle of the sexes' bears a certain resemblance to the formulas of nations at war, where any heinousness is justified on the grounds that the enemy is either an inferior [part of the] species or really not human at all.
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— Kate Millett
Beslan, where the Russian authorities stopped live coverage of the school being stormed, was an illustration of the progress we still have to make.
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— Kate Adie
We should never invoke the spirit of antiquity as our authority. Spirits are peculiar things; they cannot be grasped with the hands and be held up before others. Spirits reveal themselves only to spirits. The most direct and concise method would be, in this case as well, to prove the possession of the only redeeming faith by good works.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
The open society is one in which men have learned to be to some extent critical of taboos, and to base decisions on the authority of their own intelligence.
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— Karl Popper
For myself, I am interested in science and in philosophy only because I want to learn something about the riddle of the world in which we live, and the riddle of man's knowledge of that world. And I believe that only a revival of interest in these riddles can save the sciences and philosophy from an obscurantist faith in the expert's special skill and in his personal knowledge and authority.
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— Karl Popper
Crack-brained meddling by the authorities [can] aggravate an existing crisis.
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— Karl Marx