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Advice for young people who want to channel their personality into creative work - be authentic.
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— Leandra Medine
I think transwomen, and transpeople in general, show everyone that you can define what it means to be a man or woman on your own terms. A lot of what feminism is about is moving outside of roles and moving outside of expectations of who and what you're supposed to be to live a more authentic life.
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— Laverne Cox
If you're striving for strong emotion and strong sentiment, and you're authentic with it and honest with it, then you're on the right side of the line. But if you step into sentimentality, there is a false move or a false tone to it.
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— Lasse Hallstrom
When I was a kid, all of the parents and grandparents came out of the Depression Era. They were all freezing bread in their freezer, they were covering their sofas with plastic, and they had plastic runners on the floor. There was a great distance between them and anything authentic.
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— Lance Henriksen
My whole childhood, that made my skin curl. I was looking for something authentic. I think that drove me into the arts, I really do. That really did it. The only other thing that made me survive, as a human being, was getting into the arts. I was surrounded by people that were very bright and they invited you in. They were gracious. So, it gave me a great education.
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— Lance Henriksen
It's about a singer who first sneered about my allegedly not authentic style but later she stole and copied it. And now she's acting like I am the art project and she the true super artist. My God and people actually believe her, she's successful! I shouldn't continue ranting, it doesn't get anywhere.
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— Lana Del Rey
I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It's all authentic.
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— Lana Del Rey
I started doing some more specific research on Wales in that period because I like the idea of being authentic to the territory, and with that came the knowledge that there was this great rebellion that was happening with the Marcher barons and conflict with the king. A lot of it wasn't documented by the English.
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— Kurt Sutter
Finding your passion isn't just about careers and money. It's about finding your authentic self. The one you've buried beneath other people's needs.
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— Kristin Hannah
I'm not talking about my children's father'he's a wonderful black man, the hero of my life, and he's never disrespected or betrayed me. But I'm talking about what I see in the streets and in the media, this naked hatred that black men have towards the authentic black woman'which is really an indication of black men's hatred for blackness itself.
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— Kola Boof
People forget that unauthorized does not mean untrue and authorized does not mean authentic.
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— Kitty Kelley
I took on so many things and not everything was the right fit. If you do that, it can kill your brand. A partnership has to be real and authentic.
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— Kim Kardashian
Speaking as an outsider is the most authentic voice for a poet. Poets who have one hundred thousand or one million readers [as many South Korean poets do] might not be a real, authentic poet.
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— Kim Hyesoon
Legendary service is one of the criteria that sets one company apart from its competitors. It's the mark of a truly authentic company - you just can't fake caring!
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— Kim Garst
Focus on identifying your target audience, communicating an authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an "expert" within your niche.
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— Kim Garst
Figuring out who you are and being true to yourself is not just important, but it is critical to being authentic.
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— Kim Garst
If I'm cooking dinner for my hubby or designing a line or selling on QVC, I try to do it in an authentic way. To speak to people like I want to be spoken to, to be a voice for people who don't have one and to give them things they need and love.
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— Khloe Kardashian
I think Instagram at its best is where you feel like you're getting the most authentic version of the person on the other side of the camera.
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— Kevin Systrom
Being authentic in the way you'll see today on the sets [of Doctor Strange] that Charles Wood has designed for us, being authentic in filming, as we did for the first week on production on this in Nepal and in Kathmandu. It was important to us to make it feel like these were real locations and real things.
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— Kevin Feige
Leadership is defined as authentic transformative energy that adds value to others
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— Kevin Cashman
Once you reach people on an authentic emotional level, they will reward your faith in them with their belief in you, and they will mobilize to get the job done.
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— Kevin Allen
Be the most ethical, the most responsible, the most authentic you can be with every breath you take, because you are cutting a path into tomorrow that others will follow.
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— Ken Wilber
Authentic spirituality is revolutionary. It does not legitimate the world, it breaks the world; it does not console the world, it shatters it. And it does not render the self content, it renders it undone.
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— Ken Wilber
For authentic transformation is not a matter of belief but of the death of the believer; not a matter of translating the world but of transforming the world; not a matter of finding solace but of finding infinity on the other side of death. The self is not made content; the self is made toast.
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— Ken Wilber
Authentic spirituality... does not render the self content, it renders it undone.
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— Ken Wilber
I record all of my music with authentic instruments in a studio before we start editing, doing many, many versions. The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic relationship to the content.
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— Ken Burns
Authentic interest is generated when students are given the opportunity to delve deeply into an interesting idea.
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— Kelly Gallagher
To build authentic relationships you need to lead with generosity & serve them first
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— Keith Ferrazzi
I'd like to walk that fine line between the authentic artist self and the manufactured artist self. I'd like to exist outside of a set of expectations or assumptions about what the Kehinde Wiley brand is. And I'd like to walk towards something that's a bit more unpredictable, human.
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— Kehinde Wiley
Because we're actors we can pretend and fake it, but I'd rather the intimate investment was authentic.
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— Keanu Reeves
I've always tried to stay true to my authentic self.
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— Katie Couric
Authentic stardom ... is a gift which, if it is to have any permanent significance, must be bestowed by a public rather than a manager.
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— Katharine Cornell
I think the chemistry on the Orange set is extraordinary and I'm going to risk and say this: I think by virtue of the fact that there are not so many men, we are free to be absolutely authentic. There is a lot of freedom and trust.
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— Kate Mulgrew
I had to detach myself from myself, if that makes any sense, to conjure an authentic first-person voice. In that sense, it was similar to writing a first-person novel. But I was writing about real people, not fictional ones - myself, my family, my friends and boyfriends and ex-husband, and that was extremely tricky.
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— Kate Christensen
[Everybody Loves Somebody] one really loves both cultures, represents them in a very accurate, genuine, authentic, fun, fresh way, and it includes so many more people because it has that language aspect to it.
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— Karla Souza
I am greatly pleased with the public, authentic isolation in which we two, you and I, now find ourselves. It is wholly in accord with our attitude and our principles.
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— Karl Marx
Fashion is about having a point of view, a taste and a personality. For us we always felt we could apply our DNA really to anything but you have to do it if it's true to you, feels authentic. It has to be real.
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— Karen Walker
I wanted to be as authentic as possible because, first of all, Jean Shrimpton is still alive. And, she's interesting enough to be played accurately. I didn't need to add things.
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— Karen Gillan
Be present in your work because kids live in the moment, so as soon as you're not in the present, you're not being authentic.
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— Kadir Nelson
For the authentic revolutionary conservative, what really counts is to be faithful not to past forms and institutions, but rather to principles of which such forms and institutions have been particular expressions, adequate for a specific period of time and in a specific geographical area.
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— Julius Evola