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    authentic Quotes

    I try to be authentic - but at the same time I don't really want people prying into my personal life.
    tags: time people personal authentic
    — Zooey Deschanel
    I'd be more likely to go for somebody who is like me. Well, I like creative people, so whatever that means... Yeah, authentic and creative.
    tags: people authentic creative
    — Zooey Deschanel
    It is my intention to live an authentic life of compassion and integrity and action.
    tags: integrity live compassion action authentic
    — Zachary Quinto
    You can usually tell when people aren't being authentic, but that goes for every artist, not just white artists.
    tags: people authentic artist
    — Yelawolf
    When one is true to oneself, when one is authentic, one becomes true to the evolutionary thrust for self-optimization that exists within oneself and within the universe. And that evolutionary thrust is a continuous unfolding process.
    tags: oneself true process authentic universe
    — Yasuhiko Kimura
    Having an authentic emotional response is always a positive thing.
    tags: authentic emotional positive
    — Yael Cohen
    I want to be very authentic when I perform, because I feel like I owe that to people listening. You can't go through the motions on music like this. You are making people feel a certain way, that you are not feeling yourself. It's like saying "I want you guys to cry, but I don't really care," which isn't right.
    tags: people listening right authentic saying music
    — William Fitzsimmons
    The job of the poet is to use language effectively, his own language, the only language which is to him authentic.
    tags: language job authentic poet
    — William Carlos Williams
    I'll write whatever I damn please, whenever I damn please and as I damn please and it'll be good if the authentic spirit of change is on it.
    tags: authentic write spirit
    — William Carlos Williams
    I do not believe that to be religious in the best, authentic sense a man has to destroy his love life and mummify himself, body and soul.
    tags: men believe soul body authentic religious
    — Wilhelm Reich
    Sometimes you don't realize how dependent you are on just a few people, and if they disappear, suddenly you can be thrown on your own resources, which may be limited, and you're really in a fix. So I think that's authentic to the experience that it might be very lonely.
    tags: people experience authentic
    — Whit Stillman
    The golden rule would be to write a great, authentic song that is well produced and it will find its home. The audience can feel whether or not the artist is being genuine in their music. It's up to the artist to have the courage to reveal their truth through their songs.
    tags: truth authentic song rules music write courage artist
    — Wendy Starland
    My goal is to always contribute a part of myself to my music that will result in it sounding authentic, timeless, and real. I feel that this truly comes across in my new album, which is in the Rock genre.
    tags: authentic real music goal
    — Wendy Starland
    When you're doing comedy on stage, it's great because you have the audience there and they're like another actor in the scene. You feed off of them, laugh. But in film when everyone's quiet, it's all about timing. But the key to that is to be authentic. Be in the moment, and if you play the moment truthfully, the humor will be there.
    tags: humor comedy key moment timing authentic film
    — Wendell Pierce
    Begin Practicing the Intention to be Authentic & Peaceful with Everyone
    tags: authentic
    — Wayne Dyer
    Sometimes you just have to say, "...I don't know what we are doing, let's just go and see what happens." You have to embrace the experience itself, so that things you didn't intend to happen can make your work more authentic. And you have to hope that it works.
    tags: work experience authentic hope
    — Wayne Coyne
    To be authentic is literally to be your own author... to discover your own native energies and desires, and then to find your own way of acting on them.
    tags: desires energy authentic author
    — Warren G. Bennis
    Success in TV-showmaking is just a matter of being authentic and doing the best you can, and you hope that people watch it and like it. For us [showmakers], we know where our bread is buttered, and we live by the written word of the critic. That's how shows build a critical mass on cable.
    tags: people live authentic hope success
    — Walton Goggins
    A modern, harmonic and lively architecture is the visible sign of authentic democracy.
    tags: authentic democracy
    — Walter Gropius
    Heroes are never perfect, but they're brave, they're authentic, they're courageous, determined, discreet, and they've got grit.
    tags: hero authentic
    — Wade Davis
    My family was all born in Sicily and I'm Italian-American. They're the real thing. They're authentic Italians, and honestly they're the most open-minded, nicest people in the world and nothing can really offend them. That's the way I think true Sicilians are.
    tags: people world true authentic real
    — Vinny Guadagnino
    Don't look for someone in whom to believe. Believe in yourself. The only authentic authority is your own original nature.
    tags: nature believe authentic authority
    — Vernon Howard
    Pseudo-mysticism seeks to evade reality; authentic mysticism wants to live it.
    tags: live authentic mysticism
    — Vernon Howard
    The Truth must be told at all costs, no matter how unpopular it may be. The authentic spiritual leader, having freed himself of his own false need to be popular, tells the Truth whether it falls on fertile or stony ground. Such a teacher is the salt of the earth, though few know it. If you think the world is delirious as is, you would find it intolerable without his healing influence.
    tags: truth world earth influence authentic spiritual healing leader
    — Vernon Howard
    We're richer, but that wealth doesn't reflect durable, authentic economic value - which is hitting fast diminishing returns. The growth that we're pursuing is neither sustainable - nor is it, in many ways, real growth at all. Boardrooms from finance to autos to energy to pharma to fashion have learned that the hard way.
    tags: fashion growth value energy authentic real wealth economics
    — Umair Haque
    If you are just yourself, that's when people start gravitating towards you because nobody else can be you except you. Be authentic, don't give up, and start today.
    tags: people authentic
    — Tyler Oakley
    When anyone calls you out for something you have done in your life and you're just on a journey to be authentic, to live in your own skin better, man, it makes you feel extremely special. I think that any time you're making huge steps in your life - I always say I need lots of hugs to feel special.
    tags: time men live journey authentic
    — Ty Herndon
    My writing is authentic, and whatever happens in my life is what I write about.
    tags: authentic writing write
    — Tucker Max
    I would have preferred to have been in a film where I could've been more authentic or more human, where the dialogue and my approach to the part could have been more real.
    tags: human authentic real film
    — Troy Donahue
    As I was a kid, I had a bunch of musicians, they always told me that I should listen to all styles of music and try to play all styles and be authentic at it, if I can, because you never know who's gonna call you. This was coming from fellow horn players who would get the call to play with different types of people. Since I was a kid, that was just something I was always interested in.
    tags: people authentic music kids
    — Troy Andrews
    If you take my entire golfing life, my favorites are the older courses, the more traditional and the more authentic.
    tags: authentic
    — Trent Dilfer
    I was very shy growing up. My shyness manifested as a big personality, as opposed to the wallflower personality. It's been a journey getting comfortable in my skin. I've worked on trying to find the authentic balance between the bravado of my personality that was sort of a defense and the truth within my bigness.
    tags: truth journey personality authentic balance
    — Tracee Ellis Ross
    You can be a They and be a billionaire. Not all billionaires are happy and fulfilled. My whole thing is, add value to whoever you meet. Sometimes, the value is just being happy and loving, giving an extra couple of moments to look someone in the eye. Nothing replaces authentic feeling and emotion.
    tags: emotion moment value eyes giving loving authentic
    — Tony Robbins
    The goal of becoming more consistent with your core authentic self is a much stronger motivator than "I need to lose 30 pounds."
    tags: self authentic goal
    — Tony Robbins
    The most important thing is what you already do. It's being authentic. It's being curious, trying to discover gifts.
    tags: authentic gift
    — Tony Robbins
    Our own economy tells us to take as much as we can get, right? Our own economy says, you're going to be the most successful graduate if you go into the business world and take as much you can get. That's not how nature works. Nature has a much simpler economy. Everything in nature takes what it needs. That's it. You don't see an oak tree gathering up all the resources. An oak tree takes what it needs to be the authentic oak tree it is.
    tags: nature work world successful authentic business
    — Tom Shadyac
    Our Feastival of Queens area, which featured five different authentic ethnic foods from Queens, was one of the most popular areas of the festival, and was written about in a number of different reviews.
    tags: food authentic
    — Tom Russell
    If you can run around the corner and say hello to someone do that instead of emailing. It's always more rewarding; the connection is always more authentic. If you've got something to say and you can say it someone's face, it's so much better, healthier.
    tags: authentic
    — Tom Hiddleston
    Some of your children's rebellion against your spiritual lifestyle might be a necessary step in their finding an authentic relationship with God. But beware: If they find it, it might look quite different from what you've always thought it should be.
    — Tim Kimmel
    I'm very authentic, I think, and what I mean by that is whatever roles that I do take on, I'm really passionate about it.
    tags: authentic
    — Tia Mowry
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