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I give him (Frank Howard during April 28, 1968 two-hitter) shoulder, back, foot and the ball last," and Frank Howard commented, "He threw everything at me but the ball.
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— Luis Tiant
When April steps aside for May,Like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten;Fresh violets open every day:To some new bird each hour we listen.
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— Lucy Larcom
The children with the streamlets sing, When April stops at last her weeping; And every happy growing thing Laughs like a babe just roused from sleeping.
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— Lucy Larcom
My biggest hero, Gregory Peck, was my birthday present on April 14, 1973. I just sat and stared at him.
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— Loretta Lynn
"I call them april babies cause they fools"
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— Lil Wayne
I gave birth to my first son in April 1986. I thought it would be a good goal to get back in shape after having a baby if I ran the New York City Marathon. I ran in it November 1986. I had just shot the 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit issue, so I was in great shape.
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— Kim Alexis
Also for me, I don't make endless movies back to back all the time, I really sort of come to understand and love the characters that I play. And with April and Hanna you sort of go through a weird period of feeling sad about letting them go. Sometimes that takes me a week and sometimes it takes me a couple of months, just so that I can feel I can realign my own thoughts again. I do feel really, really blessed that I've had these opportunities.
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— Kate Winslet
April's rare capricious loveliness.
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— Julia Caroline Dorr
For many in baseball September is a month of stark contrast with April, when everyone had dared to hope. If baseball is a lot like life, as pundits declare, it is because life is more about losing than winning.
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— John Thorn
Anybody who claims to be excited for April Fools' Day is probably a sociopath.
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— John Oliver
I have seen the Lady April bringingthe daffodils,Bringing the springing grass and thesoft warm April rain.
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— John Masefield
Again the blackbirds sings; the streams Wake, laughing, from their winter dreams, And tremble in the April showers The tassels of the maple flowers.
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— John Greenleaf Whittier
Life's sunniest hours are not withoutThe shadow of some lingering doubt-Amid its brightest joys will stealSpectres of evil yet to feel-Its warmest love is blent with fears,Its confidence a trembling one-Its smile-the harbinger of tears-Its hope-the change of April's sun!A weary lot-in mercy given,To fit the chastened soul for heaven.
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— John Greenleaf Whittier
I didn't react visually. This girl came up and knelt over the body and let out a God-awful scream that made me click the camera. (On photographing Mary Vecchio with slain student Jeffery Miller during the shootings of students at Kent State, April, 1970.)
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— John Filo
And not a girl goes walking Along the Cotswold lanes But knows men's eyes in April Are quicker than their brains.
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— John Drinkwater
Old April wanes, and her last dewy morn Her death-bed steeps in tears; to hail the May New blooming blossoms neath the sun are born, And all poor April's charms are swept away.
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— John Clare
O bluebird, welcome back again, Thy azure coat and ruddy vest, Are hues that April loveth best....
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— John Burroughs
Friends are very understanding when you tell them in April that you can see them next September, but there is a limit to how long you can go on like that.
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— Jill Dando
It was the day of the worms. That first almost-warm, after-the-rainy-night day in April, when you bolt from your house to find yourself in a world of worms. They were as numerous here in the East End as they had been in the West. The sidewalks, the streets. The very places where they didn't belong. Forlorn, marooned on concrete and asphalt, no place to burrow, April's orphans.
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— Jerry Spinelli
We've got some guys going good and we've got some guys who are struggling. Usually April's a tough month. Guys come from Arizona where the weather's perfect and the ball flies all over the place. Then you get into the reality of the season, and it can work against them, not so much physically as mentally.
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— Jeff Pentland
In 1980, when I graduated from high school, my goal was to be on 'The Tonight Show' with Johnny Carson at least once before our ten-year class reunion. Our class reunion was in June of 1990, and I was on 'The Tonight Show' in April 1990, so I made it by a few months.
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— Jeff Dunham
Today is April 1, April Fools' Day, a day that people try to fool their friends and relatives. Don't confuse that with April 15, when people try to fool the IRS.
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— Jay Leno
Since 9/11 we've been engaged in wars around the world, and General [James] Mattis has been a leading battlefield commander in many of those theaters, including in the April 2004 siege of Fallujah, where the US Marines killed so many people that the municipal soccer stadium in the city had to be turned into a graveyard for the dead.
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— James Mattis
For April Fools Day, someone played a really cruel joke on me. They stole ALL my mirrors and I had to go hours without seeing myself. I mean, I couldn't even do my daily affirmations. What kind of world is this? I tell you, it's artists like myself that really suffer.
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— James Franco
The massacres are the result of a policy which, as far as can be ascertained, has been entertained for some considerable time by the gang of unscrupulous adventurers who are now in possession of the Government of the Turkish Empire. They hesitated to put it in practice until they thought the favorable moment had come, and that moment seems to have arrived about the month of April.
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— James Bryce
Only another writer, someone who had worked his heart out on a good book which sold three thousand copies, could appreciate the thrill that overcame me one April morning in 1973 when Dean Rivers of our small college in Georgia appeared at my classroom door
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— James A. Michener
We were led to a pediatric ophthalmologist. It's a hard date for me, April 14, 1998. The doctor came back from the examining room and told us she had tumors in both eyes.
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— Hunter Tylo
The great victory of April 30 represents the triumph of the entire nation, of justice over brutality and of humanity over tyranny.
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— Ho Chi Minh
In April, 1915, the Ottoman Government began to put into execution throughout Turkey a systematic and carefully-prepared plan to exterminate the Armenian race. In six months nearly a million Armenians have been killed. The number of victims and the manner of their destruction are without parallel in Modern History.
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— Herbert Adams Gibbons
Ah, March! we know thou art Kind-hearted, spite of ugly looks and threats, And, out of sight, art nursing April's violets!
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— Helen Hunt Jackson
For April sobs while these are so glad April weeps while these are so gay,- Weeps like a tired child who had, Playing with flowers, lost its way.
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— Helen Hunt Jackson
No days such honored days as these! While yetFair Aphrodite reigned, men seeking wideFor some fair thing which should forever bideOn earth, her beauteous memory to setIn fitting frame that no age could forget,Her name in lovely April's name did hide,And leave it there, eternally alliedTo all the fairest flowers Spring did beget.
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— Helen Hunt Jackson
To reporters the day after his accession to the presidency, April 13, 1945: When they told me yesterday what had happened, I felt like the moon, the stars and all the planets had fallen on me.
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— Harry S. Truman
A gush of bird song, a patter of dewA cloud and a rainbow's warning;Suddenly sunshine and perfect blueAn April day in the morning!
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— Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford
At the end of April I archived 'Curses' and Inform, and announced them on the newsgroups.
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— Graham Nelson
April is a promise of what's to come.
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— Gladys Taber
April is the two-week-old kitten, the month-old lamb, the six-month-old heifer, the two-year-old girl. Too young to know it has either past or future, it wears the ribbon of the fleeting present as part of itself ...
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— Gladys Hasty Carroll
Honest winter, snow clad and with the frosted beard, I can welcome not uncordially; but that long deferment of the calendar's promise, that weeping loom of March and April, that bitter blast outraging the honor of May - how often has it robbed me of heart and hope.
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— George Gissing
In April the sweet showers fall And pierce the drought of March to the root, and all The veins are bathed in liquor of such power As brings about the engendering of the flower.
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— Geoffrey Chaucer
The month of April 2000 will provide an unprecedented showcase for the clean energy options available to individuals, businesses and the government, .. As tens of millions of people take action to support clean energy during Earth Month, the 'New Energy for a New Era' campaign will catapult us toward a clean and affordable energy future.
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— Gaylord Nelson