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    appreciate Quotes

    I appreciate a songwriter like Morrissey with so much restraint.
    — Zooey Deschanel
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    If you're eight and you live in Los Angeles and everybody has toys and you go to a country that has a Marxist dictatorship and there are no toy stores and nobody speaks English and it's blazing hot every day and they only have fish, which you don't like, then you tend not to appreciate the cultural lessons you're learning.
    — Zooey Deschanel
    Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.
    — Zoe Kravitz
    I think the biggest shift for me is - this is going to sound like a wanky actor, but - getting in touch with, and learning to not just appreciate, but actually really enjoy being a woman. Because for so long I was a jock, and I was an athlete, and I was a tomboy, and people would joke about like, fancy dress, you should go as a girl.
    — Zoe Bell
    I've always appreciated great acting performances, but I've even learned to appreciate not so great ones 'cause it's hard.
    — Zoe Bell
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    Feeling fear is a good sign that your survival instincts are intact. You need to appreciate the dangers to stay safe.
    — Zoe Bell
    I learned over the years never to correct a fool or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.
    — Ziad K. Abdelnour
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    A master of happiness will appreciate what he or she has while they have them and the moment any specific thing is gone or lost, the focus will be on other things to appreciate and be grateful for. At times, this could be gratitude for the memories that remain. Material and physical objects are temporary, memories are forever.
    — Zelig Pliskin
    Every moment of life is precious and can never happen again and therefore is a reason to appreciate, be grateful for and celebrate the fact that you are alive.
    — Zelig Pliskin
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    You appreciate the little details in life once you realize how fragile it isYou respect the afterlife when you realize how powerful it is.
    — Zak Bagans
    It's so easy to hate something. It's harder to genuinely appreciate something.
    — Zachary Cole Smith
    tags: hate  appreciate 
    I definitely prefer real-life endings. But I do like having an ending. I hate when a movie just sort of ends and is so open-ended you feel like it wasn't finished. I appreciate leaving things up to the interpretation of the audience and letting them make decisions about where things will go in the future - but the director has to make a decision; otherwise it is sort of a cop-out.
    — Zach Gilford
    As far as looking at myself on screen, I tend to pick out every single flaw that I could have or should have done better. I'm more of a cringer at first and when it is years down the road and out of my way, I can actually appreciate it somehow.
    — Zac Efron
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    I think that kind of balance comes with the process of growing together as a band, the Little Dragon. We love to write, we love to create, we love to play live, and I think we love and appreciate what we have together. How that evolves, and how we balance it, is something that's come with time. At the start we were all like, "Tour tour tour. We just want to play. That's all we want to do."
    — Yukimi Nagano
    I feel like fans really want to spread the word about the band. I guess when you've done three records, you feel that you really start to appreciate it. We're looking at it all and it's just like, wow. You appreciate it differently when you work hard for it.
    — Yukimi Nagano
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    Our population is growing rapidly because of our good health policy. When I came into office, there were 14 million Ugandans, today there are 38 million, despite the catastrophe of AIDS, which we have also tackled. The Ugandans know and appreciate this, especially the elderly.
    — Yoweri Museveni
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    If there is a single quality that is shared by all great men, it is vanity. But I mean by vanity only that they appreciate their own worth. Without this kind of vanity they would not be great. And with vanity alone, of course, a man is nothing.
    — Yousuf Karsh
    tags: men  alone  appreciate  quality  worth 
    The track is fast and I appreciate anything is possible.
    — Yohan Blake
    tags: appreciate 
    I think anybody who goes away finds you appreciate home more when you return.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
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    We appreciate the efforts of the United States, of the president, of the secretary of state, and we are ready to find any form of talks, but we have to overcome the differences between Syria and Israel to reach peace.
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    tags: peace  appreciate 
    A spontaneous act of generosity, performed with unselfish grace is an example of moral beauty, as are certain acts of courage; genuine modesty is a possible example, as is selfless love. Although moral beauty is a natural gift, it is nevertheless more likely to emerge and flourish in societies that appreciate and encourage it.
    — Yi-Fu Tuan
    You don't need too many people to be happy. Just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: people  real  appreciate 
    I have a son and a wife, and I really enjoy my family life as much as I enjoy my career, but there are times where my career just kind of overpowers, and they have to be really very understanding of it. I appreciate them for that. That's probably the hardest part about everything.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    I think when you've been in a band for a really long time, sometimes you don't appreciate what's good about yourself. It's easy to play something and get too focused on some small detail. It's helpful to have somebody around who can say, "No, that was good." Just so you don't get too lost or forget what you do. You need somebody you really trust who has great taste.
    — Win Butler
    tags: time  trust  lost  appreciate 
    My advice is: Don't take yourself too seriously, laugh a lot, enjoy your time with family, and appreciate the unique talents of others. Trust in God, love your neighbor, say you're sorry, forgive, and work hard.
    — Willie Robertson
    tags: time  work  trust  advice  talent  god  appreciate  sorry 
    There is no other art medium like tattooing in the world. When the customer comes in with a basic idea, it is up to me to design and translate that idea onto skin. I really appreciate when customers have enough trust in what I can do.
    — William Webb
    tags: world  trust  media  ideas  appreciate 
    Education is the preparation of the individual for reciprocal union with society; the preparation of the individual so that he can help his fellow-men and in return receive and appreciate their help.
    — William Torrey Harris
    To appreciate and use correctly a valuable maxim requires a genius; a vital appropriating exercise of mind closely allied to that which first created it.
    — William Rounseville Alger
    The jealous man is so preoccupied with what he hasn't got that he fails to appreciate the value of what he has got. He loses the ability to feel glad because the sun is shining. He doesn't see the wonder and the newness of the beginning of spring.
    — William Ralph Inge
    tags: men  value  wonder  appreciate  fail 
    There cannot be a sense of abundance or the experience of prosperity without appreciation. You cannot find beauty unless you appreciate beauty. You cannot find friendship unless you appreciate others. You cannot find love unless you appreciate loving and being loved. If you wish abundance, appreciate life.
    — William R. Miller
    I can fully appreciate the fury and anger that a person can feel when put through a humiliating experience by a cop, but I would recommend strongly that a person maintain his cool, and in no circumstances lose his temper. If you lose your temper, you are playing right into the cop's hands.
    — William Powell
    One appreciates that daily life is really good when one wakes from a horrible dream, or when one takes the first outing after a sickness. Why not realize it now?
    — William Lyon Phelps
    tags: dreams  appreciate 
    Wilhelm Steinitz was the first man to appreciate the inherent logic behind the game of chess.
    — William Hartston
    tags: men  logic  chess  games  appreciate 
    If any student of social science comes to appreciate the case of the Forgotten Man, he will become an unflinching advocate of strict scientific thinking in sociology, and a hard-hearted skeptic as regards any scheme of social amelioration. He will always want to know, Who and where is the Forgotten Man in this case, who will have to pay for it all?
    — William Graham Sumner
    tags: men  thinking  appreciate 
    I'm not a fan of 3D. But I am a huge fan of digital imagery. Because it allows a filmmaker much more latitude to appreciate their own visions and dreams.
    — William Friedkin
    You've got to appreciate the things that come from the art of the Negro and from the heart of the man farthest down.
    — William Christopher Handy
    tags: men  heart  appreciate 
    Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what's coming next.
    — Will Smith
    tags: gone  appreciate 
    To appreciate heaven well, it's good for a person to have some fifteen minutes of hell.
    — Will Carleton
    Physiology, in its analysis of the physiological functions of the sense organs, must use the results of subjective observation of sensations; and psychology, in its turn, needs to know the physiological aspects of sensory function, in order rightly to appreciate the psychological.
    — Wilhelm Wundt
    I haven't missed many games in my career, so it is tough, and it makes you appreciate and it makes you hungry and ready to get back out there and ready to go out there and compete - especially in a time of the year like this.
    — Wes Welker
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