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Man who hates cats is insecure, but a man who likes them is one worth keeping. If he can appreciate a cat, he can appreciate a strong, independent woman.
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— Larissa Ione
Find a teacher who is an integral being, a beacon who extends his light and virtue with equal ease to those who appreciate him and those who don't. Shape yourself in his mold, bathe in his nourishing radiance, and reflect it out to the rest of the world.
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— Laozi
Who is unhappy with little, won't be with much; who doesn't appreciate the small won't be able to take care of the large; who doesn't have enough with enough is at the margin or virtue, for the physical body lives from one day to another and if it gets what it really needs, there will be time for meditation, as long as if we try to give it everything it desires, endless will be the task.
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— Laozi
I'm lucky to be doing what I love, and I appreciate that I can make a good living doing it. I love to play soccer-whether it's in a game, practice or playing with friends-so it isn't like I'm under pressure at all.
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— Landon Donovan
Everyone appreciates being appreciated!
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— Lance Mitchell
Give people knowledge and they really eat it up and they appreciate it a lot and the more that knowledge is made available to people, the more they will utilize it and let it be a part of them.
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— La Monte Young
I think all great wrestlers appreciate a good BATTLE
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— Kyle Dake
I like to do stuff for my brothers and sisters to appreciate because they look up to me, and for other kids around the world who want to get into acting or who just want to have somebody to look up to.
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— Kyla Pratt
I'm all for guys being butch and guys being men. I identify with that and appreciate that. But if I'm going to stab my gay brother in the back who isn't butch and who maybe acts a little bit more effeminate, what good is that?
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— Kyan Douglas
We expect kids to go straight from Shel Silverstein to William Shakespeare. There needs to be a bridge of relatable, fun, rhythmic verse that gets kids to cross over, so to speak, so they can appreciate Mary Oliver and Naomi Shihab Nye and Langston Hughes.
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— Kwame Alexander
I also appreciate the lasting friendships I've made while working with our great sponsors through the years, including Miller Lite, Shell and Dodge.
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— Kurt Busch
I put so much energy into with improv. You can only perform it at a place where people are, essentially, taking improv classes so that they just appreciate what's happening.
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— Kurt Braunohler
Life can change in a moment, so we must appreciate every single day we are given.
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— Kristine Carlson
It takes a long time to appreciate one's parents.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
Appreciate what you've got and follow your heart and you're all good. Don't over-complicate things.
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— Kristen Stewart
I'm not sure if I'm most happy when I'm comfortable and content or when I'm pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy, and I really appreciate both.
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— Kristen Stewart
I can appreciate anybody's passion for anything.
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— Kristanna Loken
Heaven and Earth give themselves. Air, water, plants, animals, and humans give themselves to each other. It is in this giving-themselves-to-each-other that we actually live. Whether you appreciate it or not, it is true.
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— Kodo Sawaki
It's always nice when people appreciate your work because it means you've affected them, which is great. And so that feels good.
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— Kirsten Dunst
My mom raise me so wonderfully. She gave me self esteem and made me appreciate my flaws, as well as my strengths.
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— Kirsten Dunst
Dad is my best mate and I can tell Mum absolutely anything. I really appreciate Mum and Dad. Why are we so close? Young parents, I think. The rock business keeps their minds young.
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— Kim Wilde
All my time in rehab has made me appreciate tennis more than ever.
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— Kim Clijsters
Time is not money or gold; it is life itself and is limited. You must begin to appreciate every moment of your life and always strive to make the best use of it.
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— Khurram Murad
The future belongs to thouse with open minds aand open hearts, who can appreciate beauty in all it's forms.
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— Kevyn Aucoin
I really appreciate crafts. I like cooking. I love food and drink. I love owning that through Instagram. Although that can be challenging at times because it doesn't fit people's stereotypes of a technical founder.
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— Kevin Systrom
Canada has always been ready for the truth. I think they actually appreciate a politician or anybody as a leader who tells the truth.
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— Kevin O'Leary
A whole generation of people that didn't know me from 'SNL' recognize me from 'Weeds' now. People recognize me once in a while and appreciate the work. It gets a little embarrassing but it's good. If you work as an accountant, you don't have people coming up to you in the streets saying, 'Hey, great job on tax statements!'
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— Kevin Nealon
I think people really appreciate clever commercials, as do I. I think they're very entertaining. You just have to wade through all the garbage. That's one of the reasons people watch the Super Bowl. A lot of them watch it to see the commercials and not the actual game.
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— Kevin Nealon
Yes and I appreciate it. But this is going to be difficult enough without running my words through a filter of illiteracy.
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— Kevin Hearne
This younger generation that's around, that's tweeting, Facebooking and Vine-ing, the fans appreciate that because they feel like they can get to you.
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— Kevin Hart
I am who I am. That's why my friends and peers respect and appreciate me. I don't change or cater my actions to fit my surroundings. I'm myself 24/7. People appreciate that.
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— Kevin Hart
All I can do is try to create my own brand and have people appreciate me for that.
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— Kevin Hart
Everything is an open book. I don't speak on other people's hardship, but if it happened in my life or something that has been an experience on my particular journey, I'm going to talk about it. That's what my fan base appreciates the most. I'm universal. You can relate to the things I say or that I go through.
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— Kevin Hart
I don't have to change anything. I think that's the secret to comedy. You want to be universal and appeal to everyone. You want to put yourself in a position that no matter what you're talking about, everyone can relate to it and understand it, because it's an experience that everyone can go through. That's what I pattern my writing material and jokes after. I'm trying to maintain a level of realness that my fans can appreciate.
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— Kevin Hart
I'm trying to maintain a level of realness that my fans can appreciate.
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— Kevin Hart
The grass is not always greener on the other side. You learn to appreciate these people.
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— Kevin Durant
I'm going to be me at the end of the day. And I think my family appreciates that. They're happy for me that I'm finding out who I am, and I'm content with that.
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— Kevin Durant
All the support from all my friends, All my family over the years, I appreciate it.
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— Kevin Durant
Obviously, everyone loves someone who appreciates you and puts you on a pedestal.
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— Kevin Drew
I want to be efficient and effective in everything I do. I start every day with a protein shake, with my vanilla Almond Breeze, and my kids start their day the same way as well. [Nutrition] is a huge piece of the puzzle. It's not just about working hard and being physical. It's about being smart and mindful of what's going in and out of our bodies. And also taking the time to enjoy things, and to appreciate the process.
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— Kerri Walsh