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It takes time,patience and endurance to become a devout Muslim. No one, not even God, expects anyone to become an angel overnight. That's fortunate, I thought, because I sensed that the road ahead might be a long one
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— Kristiane Backer
Stop smiling. Every time you smile, an angel dies.
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— Kristan Higgins
You are all angels, you guys know that right?
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— Kris Wu
I feel like the stillness of Ralph Angel - him being formerly incarcerated, being a Black man, being misunderstood in this world, I felt like that brought him to a place where he thought he had to be an observer - externally and internally.
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— Kofi Siriboe
Ralph Angel was such a great character. The single-father image has been portrayed in so many ways so having the ability to be a part of that narrative excites me!
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— Kofi Siriboe
I feel like that's a blessing [ Ralph Angel role]. I really just think it's about the overall message, the way it's conveyed and the people involved in the project. Find people you want to create with because it's infinite, unlimited expression.
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— Kofi Siriboe
Providence has given the United States the duty of extending Christian civilization. We come as ministering angels, not despots.
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— Knute Nelson
I wanted to get an angel wings tatooed on my back, as a guardian thing.
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— Kirsten Dunst
The first thought of God was an angel. The first word of God was a man
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— Khalil Gibran
He who does not see the angels and devils in the beauty and malice of life will be far removed from knowledge, and his spirit will be empty of affection.
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— Khalil Gibran
It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw, But rather a garden forever in bloom and a flock of angels forever in flight.
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— Khalil Gibran
And if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.
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— Khalil Gibran
The key to making money in angel investing is saying no. You meet with 100 companies and say no to 99 of them.
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— Kevin Rose
Do Angels have assholes?" Atticus O'Sullivan - Hexed
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— Kevin Hearne
I am an angel. I was sent here from God to heal.
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— Kevin Hart
Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust.
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— Kenneth Rexroth
Do I not deal with angels When her lips I touch.
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— Kenneth Patchen
The reality is it's still in our hands. We have to play four real good games against the Angels. If we take three of four we're still two back and then we'd need help. We'd still be breathing, but we'd need help. We'll shoot all our bullets to try and win that game (Monday) and worry about the next day when we get there.
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— Ken Macha
I don't take it lightly that I brought a life into this world. They're waiting for you every day, these sweet little angels. You have to have time for them to interact on a daily basis.
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— Kelly Cutrone
Demon, angel, all the same thing if you go back far enough, or cut deep enough.
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— Kelley Armstrong
You'll wrest a burning sword from an angel, but you're afraid of bats?" "I'm not afraid of them. I just don't like them. They're...furry. Flying things shouldn't be furry. It's not right. And if I ever meet the Creator, I'm taking that one up with him." "That I'd like to see. Your one and possible only chance to get the answer to every question in the universe, and you ask, 'Why are bats furry?'" "I will. You just wait.
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— Kelley Armstrong
We do nods to Charlie's Angels and Mission Impossible because they are popular with our fan base.
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— Keenen Ivory Wayans
The angel within me thrives on the devil within me.
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— Kedar Joshi
What sort of girls do i like? - They are all angels.
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— Keanu Reeves
As a self-respecting dude, I'd never believed in fairy tales, but in that moment, I did. I'd found my angel to live happily-ever-after with.
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— Katie Ashley
Love travels the miles upon the wings of Angels.
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— Kathy Mattea
In Scripture the visitation of an angel is always alarming; it has to begin by saying 'Fear not.' The Victorian angel looks as if it were going to say, 'There, there.' The literary symbols are more dangerous [than sculptures and pictures] because they are not so easily recognized as symbolical. Those of Dante are best. Before his angels we sink in awe.
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— Kathryn Lindskoog
Friendship's an abstract of this noble flame, 'Tis love refin'd, and purged from all its dross, 'Tis next to angel's love, if not the same, As strong in passion is, though not so gross.
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— Katherine Philips
Lord, let me heed the angels you put in my path.
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— Katherine Paterson
I have been very fortunate in my life. I think I have an angel that is always with me. Good projects always come to me.
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— Kate del Castillo
When you reach for a star, only angels are there. And it's not very far, just a step on a stair.
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— Kate Bush
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.
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— Karolyn Grimes
Is it not grotesque when the representatives of an antiquated myth-sorcery, who believes in trinity, angels, devils, hell, virgin-birth, bodily Ascension, making of water into wine, wine to blood, - when they want to impress us with their "science"?
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— Karlheinz Deschner
It may be that when the angels go about their task praising God, they play only Bach. I am sure, however, that when they are together en famille they play Mozart.
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— Karl Barth
God listens to Bach while the angels listen to Mozart.
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— Karl Barth
Whether the angels play only Bach praising God, I am not quite sure.
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— Karl Barth
I think God has me on a path. I think he puts certain people in my life, and angels send messages to me, like, Kanye, I want you to say this, and I want you to say that, and I want you to talk to this girl here, and I don't want you to do this over here.
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— Kanye West
I know I got angels watchin me from the other side.
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— Kanye West
But if so great a power is shown to have followed and to be still following the dispensation of His suffering, how great shall that be which shall follow His glorious advent! For He shall come on the clouds as the Son of man, so Daniel foretold, and His angels shall come with Him.
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— Justin Martyr
For though Duncan was a mere mortal, flawed as well, he'd accomplished a daring feat. Aye, he'd captured an angel. And she belonged to him.
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— Julie Garwood