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My final advice for young people is to not wait for leadership from adult politicians. Step forward today, because our current leaders are denying the dire reality we are facing. Leadership can come form anywhere.
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— Kumi Naidoo
Defendants have not explained how allowing same-sex marriage between two consenting adults will at all prevent heterosexual spouses from caring for their biological children.
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— Kristine G. Baker
As an adult, it's a huge shock to be orphaned; as a child it's just hideous, ghastly.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
I don't want to make movies for kids, and I don't want to make movies for adults either.
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— Kristen Stewart
One of the greatest struggles of becoming an adult is figuring out what you want to do and what makes you happy. The courageous thing is to stick with it and see it through and see if you were correct.
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— Kristen Stewart
Once you have done with school, you realise that it is just a smaller version of life, and really I have felt that I should have been an adult since I was aged about five.
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— Kristen Stewart
In personal conversations between director and actor, the male directors that I've worked with are just as emotional. Maybe it's because I had to start having very intimate conversations with adult men at a very young age in order to get the work, but I'm really comfortable with dudes. I mean, we push boundaries in this business in terms of getting to know people.
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— Kristen Stewart
You can make a movie that's more focused on the jokes, but Young Adult was not that kind of movie.
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— Kristen Stewart
I'm carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get 'Okaaaaaay, honey.' I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant
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— Kristen Bell
It is intolerable that around 1 in 5 of the world's adults are illiterate. How can we build equitable information societies or thriving democracies if so many remain without the basic tools of literacy?
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— Koichiro Matsuura
As an empowerment right, education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalised adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty, and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities.
— Koichiro Matsuura
As a kid, there [on TV] were things I wasn't aware of - insecurities while transition from teen to adult. When I was around 17 and 18, I started seeing the benefits of this world.
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— Kofi Siriboe
When I was younger, I always did movies that teenagers would watch, not adults. I did 'Crazy/Beautiful' or comedies like 'Bring It On.'
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— Kirsten Dunst
People always tell me, 'Don't work so much', but I can't help it. I feel like all the things I've done are important to get to this adult stage and now I'm getting all these adult offers, so it's working.
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— Kirsten Dunst
All my adult life I've been in the practice of giving advice to people who are happier than I am.
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— Kinky Friedman
We should face reality and our past mistakes in an honest, adult way. Boasting of glory does not make glory, and singing in the dark does not dispel fear.
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— King Hussein I
Teens like a lot of the same things adults do: smart people doing amazing things against awful odds.
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— Kim Harrison
Being an adult, you've already suffered enough from your own mistakes, and the world, to come to this as a humble human being. So it's not like, "I'm going to do the right thing because it advances me," as much as it's like, "I'm going to do the right thing because this puts me closest to the dream I had as a 10-year-old kid."
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— Killer Mike
I see Igby as my first movie as an adult, and it's a big deal for me because I really, really like the film.
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— Kieran Culkin
A lot of adults don't think it's their place to interfere with kids. I interfere all the time.
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— Khloe Kardashian
Teens just understand the world in ways I don't think any of us adults do.
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— Kevin Systrom
I made stupid decisions as a kid, or as a young adult, but I'm trying to be now, I'm trying to take this lemon and make lemonade.
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— Kevin Mitnick
Sesame Street is the epitome of children's television. It has continued to maintain the successful structure that was established in the beginning. Through it's amazing research department, teaching has been made fun. This, the heart and humor works for children and adults alike, that's why I'm very honored to be a part of it.
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— Kevin Clash
I like getting to be in the adult world a little bit and then getting to be in the mom world and cook dinners. And, for me, that balance is what makes it nice.
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— Keri Russell
Frequently parents forget that children are people. I don't try to treat Kristen as an adult, but I do try to treat her as a person, with a child's sensibilities.
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— Kent McCord
The whole rise of new adult contemporary music and smooth jazz was a nice surprise.
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— Kenny G
One of these days we're gonna have to grow up, have to get real jobs and be adults, someday, just not today.
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— Kenny Chesney
It's not a character flaw to become an adult.
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— Kenneth Lonergan
We measure the success of schools not by the kinds of human beings they promote but by whatever increases in reading scores they chalk up. We have allowed quantitative standards, so central to the adult economic system, to become the principal yardstick for our definition of our children's worth.
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— Kenneth Keniston
According to the Gallup Poll, 24 percent of American adults exercised regularly in 1961, and 50 percent after 1968. The peak was 59 percent in 1984, dropping off to 51 percent last September.
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— Kenneth H. Cooper
Adults are just children who earn money.
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— Kenneth Branagh
If humanity doesn't destroy the planet first, which is always a possibility because as Spirit threw itself out there, that included free will. So, if we don't blow ourselves up first, soul will become as common of a mature development in adults as mind currently is and, eventually, Spirit will become the common experience for humanity.
— Ken Wilber
But despite these differences, so many of our faiths and traditions are rooted in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would want done to you. Isn't allowing adults to marry the person they love consistent with the Golden Rule?
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— Ken Mehlman
The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline.
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— Ken Kutaragi
You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood. However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it.
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— Ken Keyes Jr.
Donald Trump is a man who just absorbs information and people and experiences. And I've witnessed him firsthand with his five children, his 10 year old son, his wife Melania, who's just an incredible first lady for all of us, amazing. God bless her, we're all very luck to have her leadership, as well. And I've witnessed him with his four adult children and his eight grandchildren. He's a family man.
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— Kellyanne Conway
Here is what I'm trying to tell you: Adult isn't a noun, it's a verb. It's the act of making correctly those small decisions that fill our day. It is one that you can practice, and that can be done in concrete steps. And if you slip up and have Diet Coke for breakfast, no one busts in and snatches away your Adult card. Just move forward and have milk tomorrow.
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— Kelly Williams Brown
I was coming to be an adult, the AIDS epidemic happened. Moving to New York, watching that unfold, and watching the activism around that... it was complete chaos of life, and then this horrific non-response from the powers that be. There was a lot of misery and sadness tied up in that.
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— Kelly Reichardt
I didn't know adults could be changed. I thought they were finished pieces, baked through and kiln dried.
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— Kelly Corrigan
Even when all the paperwork-a marriage license, a notarized deed, two birth certificates, and seven years of tax returns-clearly indicates you're an adult, but all the same, there you are, clutching the phone and thanking God that you're still somebody's daughter.
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— Kelly Corrigan