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I try not to be a prisoner to those kinds of thoughts or ideas of what I think my life should be or shouldn't be. That's why I've never had a five-year plan. I always knew that I wanted to have children. It wasn't kind of something that I discovered later. I also never felt the biological clock ticking because I think I always knew that I wanted to adopt.
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— Kristen Stewart
I think I always knew that I wanted to adopt. It never meant that I didn't want to have my own children - I always felt that if I were in the right circumstances then I would totally have my own children.
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— Kristen Stewart
I value men and I don't necessarily want to adopt the man's role, but I do want to see women's humanity honored and respected.
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— Kola Boof
We must convince and empower people to adopt the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as their guiding principle.
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— Klaus Topfer
People want to be liked by other people, so they adopt other people's standards, but for me, my standard had always been true.
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— Kirk Cameron
I get letters from little girls begging me to adopt them.
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— Kim Kardashian
If I were to adopt pure mechanism as a philosophy, there would be no way I could choose to be a scholar.
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— Kenneth Lee Pike
Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this & adopt this definition, success is yours.
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— Kelly Kim
I hope that increasing numbers of Christians adopt the practice of wearing a cross in a simple and discreet way as a symbol of their beliefs.
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— Keith O'Brien
No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude.
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— Karl Popper
I am opposed to looking upon logic as a kind of game. ... One might think that it is a matter of choice or convention which logic one adopts. I disagree with this view.
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— Karl Popper
Technology isn't the enemy, it is our ally, but only if we adopt a new model that puts people before profit. I realize that we seem far from that model, but I have seen it in action and it is a beautiful thing. So I'm not willing to give up yet. Hope is the last thing to die.
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— Justin Sane
Peace is only possible if men cease to place their happiness in the possession of things "which cannot be shared," and if they raise themselves to a point where they adopt an abstract principle superior to their egotisms. In other words, it can only be obtained by a betterment of human morality.
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— Julien Benda
We need to abandon our scale and adopt God's because our misguided labels keep us from the right kind of interaction with people.
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— Judah Smith
As countries appear and disappear, then I began to ask, what makes countries successful? And it turns out, after a long slog through geographies and ethnicities and all kinds of variables, it's the ability to adapt and adopt, what Darwin talked about.
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— Juan Enriquez
The rich possess ample means to realize any theory they may chuse to adopt in the education of their children, regardless of the cost; but it is not so with him whose Subsistence is derived from industry.
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— Joseph Lancaster
Religion is the only metaphysic that the multitude can understand and adopt.
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— Joseph Joubert
If society will adopt the rule of nature, and justify no marriage without a supreme affection, the evils of marriage without love will be sufficiently cured. Those who marry without the consent of Nature may securely expect trouble.
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— Joseph Cook
That's what's terrible about wars when whole societies adopt an impulse of objectification. Everything becomes black and white.
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— Jon Lee Anderson
Life tears at us and scars us as children so we adopt facades and masks to hide this part of us, to keep this sacred part of ourselves from the pain.
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— Jon Foreman
Sustainability is no longer optional. Companies that fail to adopt such practices will perish. They will not only lose cost basis: they will also suffer in recruiting employees as well as attracting customers.
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— John Replogle
Gay men should not adopt the sophomoric model of heterosexual dating; gay men should always have sex first.
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— John Rechy
The perspective of eternity is not a perspective from a certain place beyond the world, nor the point of view of a transcendent being; rather it is a certain form of thought and feeling that rational persons can adopt within the world ... Purity of heart, if one could attain it, would be to see clearly and to act with grace and self-command from this point of view.
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— John Rawls
Whenever governments adopt a moral tone - as opposed to an ethical one - you know something is wrong.
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— John Ralston Saul
It is essential..that you should form and adopt certain rules or principles, for the government of your own conduct and temper. Unless you have such rules and principles, there will be numberless occasions on which you will have no guide for your government but your passions..It is in the Bible, you must learn them, and from the Bible how to practice them.
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— John Quincy Adams
I'm not really much of an actor, so when I started on 'The Daily Show', I was just trying to adopt the faux authority of a newsperson.
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— John Oliver
Suppose that climate change is not real and all we do is adopt green technologies, which our economy and our technology is perfectly capable of. Then all we've done is given our kids a cleaner world.
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— John McCain
How can I adopt a creed which, preferring the mud to the fish, exalts the boorish proletariat above the bourgeois and the intelligentsia who, with whatever faults, are the quality in life and surely carry the seeds of all human advancement?
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— John Maynard Keynes
The larger the price tag, the more you have to adopt what I call the postmodern management approach. What I mean by that is that you have to use everything when you make a decision.
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— John Kao
I have been induced to adopt this course by a desire that my readers should be taught to think as well as to experiment, and thus be qualified at an early part of their study to discriminate between the true and the false, and acquire the facts of the science without being mystified by its fictions.
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— John Joseph Griffin
When people laugh at your institutions and convince you that you have to adopt theirs - adopt their dress, adopt their taste in food - you are a prisoner to those people.
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— John Henrik Clarke
Serving and helping are great things, but we can go too far. Managers should not adopt poor performers. Colleagues should not cover for each other's mistakes. Parents should not enable their children.
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— John G. Miller
Science fiction offers an intensely bracing angle of view for writers to adopt, especially in a time of constant innovation and crisis, and it is a scandal that in 1999 so many writers have written it and continue to write it in obscurity.
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— John Clute
It is impossible for the mind to remain undisturbed by thoughts, but anyone serious about the matter can certainly permit them entry or drive them away, and although their origin does not lie entirely under our control we can choose to approve of them and to adopt them.
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— John Cassian
I'd love to adopt, but having a daughter, Daisy, who's in the middle of her teens, I'm now thinking: Is this a time to start all over again or is this a time to realise those child-rearing years are over?
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— Joely Richardson
Anything you adopt temporarily only begets temporary results, and fluctuating your weight up and down is not lifespan favorable.
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— Joel Fuhrman
I think any celebrity that adopts a child from a third world country is a fool.
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— Joan Rivers
I was admonished ot adopt feminine clothes; I refused, and still refuse. As for other avocations of women, there are plenty of other women to perform them.
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— Joan of Arc
In L.A., it's easy to get caught up in what you look like or how much money you have, and those aren't values I want my kids to adopt.
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— Joan Cusack
I have written screenplays. Most recently for Errol Morris, who was thinking about doing his first fiction movie, and with a young director who wanted to adopt Project X. Errol was a hoot. I loved talking with him. We were a good match, too, because we both kept joking that we'd found the only other person on earth more ambivalent than we were about the project.
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— Jim Shepard