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    adam Quotes

    Adam Larey gazed with hard and wondering eyes down the silent current of the red river upon which he meant to drift away into the desert
    — Zane Grey
    tags: eyes  adam 
    Actually, I was born Adam Zachary Orth. Zak is short for my middle name. I was never called Adam.
    — Zak Orth
    tags: adam 
    The Lord made Adam, the Lord made Eve, he made 'em both a little bit naive.
    — Yip Harburg
    tags: adam 
    Ive been shy twice. Once when I saw Matthew Bomer and once when I saw Adam Levine. I couldnt say anything, literally.
    — Yara
    tags: adam 
    Angry Black White Boy is bananas! Actually, it's a banana split with razor blades in it. Adam Mansbach is the white Richard Wright, and Angry Black White Boy is our generation's Native Son.
    — William Upski Wimsatt
    tags: boys  son  black  adam 
    I protest against deference to any man, whether John Stuart Mill, or Adam Smith, or Aristotle, being allowed to check inquiry. Our science has become far too much a stagnant one, in which opinions rather than experience and reason are appealed to.
    — William Stanley Jevons
    tags: men  experience  opinion  adam 
    Henry Adams was scared shitless, politically, by the discovery that England isn't alien to a boy from Boston, but it was true, and it is true. It's a Boston and coastal Massachusetts thing. Henry Adams blocked it out.
    — William Monahan
    tags: true  discovery  boys  england  adam 
    In Boston terms I was everyone and no one, with no social investment, no social insecurity, sort of Imitation of Christ in one hand and The Education of Henry Adams in the other, and because I was part of nothing I could observe everything without having anything personal invested in the findings.
    — William Monahan
    I mean, obviously, one of the strongest arguments against evolution and selection of the fittest and progress, which is part of evolution, is the current field of the presidential candidates. We started off with Washington and Adams and Jefferson and then we had Lincoln, and now we moved ahead and look where we are now.
    — William Kristol
    tags: progress  evolution  adam 
    As the eye of the body once put out, can never be restored by the creature's art, so neither can the spiritual eye lost by Adam's sin be restored by the teaching of men or angels. It is one of the diseases which Christ came to cure.
    — William Gurnall
    tags: men  body  lost  eyes  spiritual  sin  christ  angel  teaching  adam 
    We don't legislate emergent technologies into existence. We almost never do. They just emerge, dragged forth by Adam Smith's invisible hand. Then we have to see what people are actually going to do with them, and try to legislate to take account of that.
    — William Gibson
    Black-and-white photography, which I was doing in the very early days, was essentially called art photography and usually consisted of landscapes by people like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. But photographs by people like Adams didn't interest me.
    — William Eggleston
    tags: people  photography  adam 
    From Samuel Adams to Patrick Henry to Benjamin Franklin to Alexander Hamilton, all the Founders intended religion to provide a moral anchor for our liberty in democracy.
    — William Bennett
    The Dictator' lands somewhere between wan Mel Brooks and good Adam Sandler, whose 'You Don't Mess With the Zohan,' about an Israeli Special Forces soldier at a hair salon, manages to strike better contrasts with vaguely similar culture differences - it's a nuttier movie, too.
    — Wesley Morris
    tags: culture  movie  adam 
    Sin is not taken out of man, as Eve was out of Adam, by putting him to sleep.
    — Wendell Phillips
    tags: men  sleep  sin  adam 
    It is important to insist on the historical truthfulness of the narrative of the fall of Adam and Eve. Just as the account of the creation of Adam and Eve is tied in with the rest of the historical narrative in the book of Genesis, so also this account of the fall of man, which follows the history of man's creation, is presented by the author as straightforward, narrative history
    — Wayne Grudem
    The impact of the acute angle of a triangle on a circle produces an effect no less powerful than the finger of God touching the finger of Adam in Michelangelo.
    — Wassily Kandinsky
    tags: powerful  god  adam 
    With our knowledge of modern-day genetics, we realize that it was possible for God to place the potential for all people throughout history into the genes of Adam and Eve when He created them.
    — Walter Lang
    tags: people  potential  god  adam 
    We actually talked about Adam Sandler during the creation of 'Trolls,' because he does know how to time jokes.
    — Walt Dohrn
    tags: time  creation  adam 
    It is not for nothing that Skaldin in one part of his book quotes Adam Smith: we have seen that both his views and the character of his arguments in many respects repeat the theses of thatgreat ideologist of the progressive bourgeoisie.
    — Vladimir Lenin
    tags: character  quotes  respect  book  adam 
    I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, who have carved a niche for themselves. I think doing different kind of films gives you longevity and the ability to set yourself apart.
    — Vir Das
    tags: film  adam 
    I don't know the American photographers as well, but I admit I love Ansel Adams. His landscapes are so crisp.
    — Vilmos Zsigmond
    I don't think Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell fear competition from me in their arena.
    — Viggo Mortensen
    tags: fear  adam  competition 
    Let every Christian be a gardener so that he and she and the whole of creation, which groans in expectation of the Spirit's final harvest, may inherit Paradise. If we Christian's truly treasure the hope that one day we, like Adam and the penitent thief, will walk alongside the One who caused even the dead wood of the Cross to blossom with flowers, then we must also imitate the Master's art and make the desolate earth grow green.
    — Vigen Guroian
    Prohibition didn't work in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate the apple.
    — Vicente Fox
    tags: work  adam  garden 
    Adam tried to hide behind the trees in the garden. There is only one tree that can hide us from Him and that is the tree of the cross.
    — Vance Havner
    tags: adam  garden 
    Even though Eve ate the fruit first, God went looking for Adam. It had been Adam whom God had revealed himself to as LORD God in the context of giving Adam divine instruction.
    — Tony Evans
    tags: giving  divine  god  adam 
    The terrain of Adam's Mountain provides a palette unique to the region. Rather than typical mountain slope play, the course is broad and open, allowing for special golf experiences on every single hole.
    — Tom Weiskopf
    tags: experience  golf  adam 
    A new poll showed that 66% of Americans think President Bush is doing a poor job handling the war in Iraq and the remaining 34% think that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.
    — Tina Fey
    tags: job  poor  church  war  american  adam 
    The first narcotics bust in history is Jehovah busting Adam and Eve for eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
    — Timothy Leary
    tags: adam 
    The curse of Adam and Eve that fell upon the earth because of their sin will be lifted when Christ returns.
    — Tim LaHaye
    tags: earth  sin  christ  adam 
    We must hang on to the idea that we can actually change things. That's the sort of environment that Joe finds himself in, in Young Adam.
    — Tilda Swinton
    tags: young  environment  ideas  adam 
    How soon are we broken on the soft pillow of ease! Adam in paradise was overcome, when Job on the dunghill was a conqueror.
    — Thomas Watson
    tags: job  broken  adam 
    By this you may see who are the rude and barbarous Indians: For verily there is no savage nation under the cope of Heaven, that is more absurdly barbarous than the Christian World. They that go naked and drink water and live upon roots are like Adam, or Angels in comparison of us.
    — Thomas Traherne
    Certainly Adam in Paradise had not more sweet and curious apprehensions of the world, than I when I was a child.
    — Thomas Traherne
    tags: children  world  child  adam 
    Where are we to look for the consumption required but among the unproductive labourers of Adam Smith?.
    — Thomas Malthus
    tags: adam 
    When Hume and Adam Smith prophesied that a little increase of national debt beyond the then amount of it, would probably occasion bankruptcy; the main cause of their error was the natural one, of not being able to see the vast increase of productive power to which the nation would subsequently obtain.
    — Thomas Malthus
    tags: power  occasion  adam 
    When Eve upon the first of Men The apple press'd with specious cant, Oh! what a thousand pities then That Adam was not Adamant!
    — Thomas Hood
    tags: men  adam 
    But all this language gotten, and augmented by Adam and his posterity, was again lost at the tower of Babel , when by the hand of God, every man was stricken for his rebellion, with an oblivion of his former language.
    — Thomas Hobbes
    tags: men  language  lost  god  adam 
    The first author of speech was God himself, that instructed Adam how to name such creatures as He presented to his sight.
    — Thomas Hobbes
    tags: speech  god  author  adam 
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