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    sports Quotes

    When I was a little boy, my dream was to play baseball and leave Cuba.
    — William Levy
    tags: boys  dreams  baseball 
    When I was working on the Olympic cookbook it was amazing to discover how different athletes need different types of diets. Everybody thinks that an athlete has to eat lots of carbohydrates, however some athletes don't need that. Some sports such as sprinting are explosive so you need a diet that will give you the energy for that moment.
    — William Katt
    tags: moment  energy 
    Any poll is a picture of an unfinished horse race except the Election Day polls.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: race 
    The game of baseball is a clean, straight game.
    — William Howard Taft
    tags: games  baseball 
    It is only the inexperienced and thoughtless who find pleasure in killing fish for the mere sake of killing them. No sportsman does this.
    — William Cowper Prime
    tags: pleasure 
    The reports of racial episodes are disturbing. But the players' protest is exhilarating because it is the most high-profile example to date in a continuing revolution in which the athletes who drive the multibillion-dollar college sports machine have begun to use their visibility to demand change.
    — William C. Rhoden
    And the blue gentian-flower, that, in the breeze, Nods lonely, of her beauteous race the last.
    — William C. Bryant
    tags: race 
    Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published everyday, like those of a baseball player.
    — William Alexander
    tags: baseball 
    I was doing community theater, and I was always interested in acting, but I was also interested in sports. I was interested in a lot of things. I was a pretty normal guy. I wasn't like a guy who grew up in a dark theater watching movies.
    — Willem Dafoe
    tags: dark  community  movie 
    I am trying to encourage kids to do something that isn't yet on their mind because it is not in popular culture. Popular culture tells you 'music, music, sports, sports.' It neglects the importance of a STEM education.
    — will.i.am
    Every year there's an Oscar and Grammy and we celebrate those shows. We do the same in the U.S about sports schools and colleges. The same thing doesn't happen for tech and STEM.
    — will.i.am
    tags: school  college  year 
    Most of us have had that experience - at around puberty - of realising that, despite whatever efforts we put into our chosen sports, we will become at best competent.
    — Will Self
    tags: experience 
    If the government announced that it was going to allocate a vast tranche of education funding purely to the pupils at the best public schools, there would be a national outcry - and yet this is precisely what the Olympics represents in terms of sports funding.
    — Will Self
    I think the greatest all-around athlete ever was Jim Brown. He played lacrosse, basketball and ran track at Syracuse. He played professional football for the Browns.
    — Will McDonough
    tags: football 
    I think money in general hurts all sports.
    — Will McDonough
    tags: hurt  money 
    I'm such a video game fan that being able to do voices in video games is just fantastic.
    — Will Friedle
    tags: games 
    I am a huge sports fan and spend a lot of my time away from work watching sports, going to sporting events, stuff like that. So it is a big thrill to see these people who I have so much respect for and to find out that they're all really fun, super-nice people. It's very exciting.
    — Will Forte
    tags: time  people  work  respect  fun 
    I would think beer and football go hand in hand.
    — Will Ferrell
    tags: football 
    People complain professional sportsmen are locked away but when they get out and enjoy themselves, people have a go.
    — Will Carling
    tags: people 
    Chess is intellectual gymnastics.
    — Wilhelm Steinitz
    tags: chess 
    Baseball fans are pedants, there is no other kind.
    — Wilfrid Sheed
    tags: baseball 
    Of thousands of others, nearer the centre of the explosion, there was no trace. They vanished. The theory in Hiroshima is that the atomic heat was so great that they burned instantly to ashes - except that there were no ashes.
    — Wilfred Burchett
    I've always played cards. I can't remember when there wasn't a gambling game going on somewhere, even if it was a craps game in a wheelbarrow on the backside of the racetrack.
    — Wilford Brimley
    tags: games  gambling 
    I can't say Boston is 'home-home.' It's definitely a place I'm growing accustomed to. It's such a great sports town.
    — Wes Welker
    We've got a lot of guys in here that are playing for pride and contracts and different things. Now that we are out of the race, guys are playing looser and you can see it in our play.
    — Wes Walz
    tags: race  pride 
    The power of a sports team in a community it's almost indescribable.
    — Wendell Pierce
    tags: power  community 
    Pop knew absolutely nothing about pro football.
    — Wellington Mara
    tags: football 
    I was never the mascot of the Georgia football team.
    — Wayne Knight
    tags: football 
    I embrace the idea that I'm an entertainer.
    — Wayne Coyne
    tags: ideas 
    Theatre sports is the best improv training period
    — Wayne Brady
    I like our whole team. That's the biggest thing about football. It's got to be your whole team. It just can't be one side carrying the other.
    — Warren Sapp
    tags: football 
    Kids tend to look up to sports figures and entertainers, probably more than they should, but I've tried to use that in a positive way.
    — Warren Moon
    tags: positive  kids 
    I'm proud of the fact that besides being known as a successful former football player, I've also worked hard to establish myself as a successful businessman, network broadcaster, sports & entertainment executive and philanthropist.
    — Warren Moon
    Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler and I used to argue for hours about who the best athletes are. I thought football players were better overall.
    — Warren Moon
    tags: thoughts  football 
    Sportsmanship is making sure you have respect for the guy you're playing across from.
    — Warren Moon
    tags: respect 
    He liked to play chess and do intelligent things, and I was a serious drinker and nonthinker.
    — Warren G. Harding
    tags: chess 
    Who, noteless as the race from which he sprung,Saved others' names, but left his own unsung.
    — Walter Scott
    tags: race 
    Meditation transports one from the transient world of matter to the real world of dreamings, visions, and imaginings where idea is and concepts are born.
    — Walter Russell
    Accordingly, one race is neither superior nor inferior to another.
    — Walter Lang
    tags: race 
    Chess is a natural cerebral high.
    — Walter Browne
    tags: chess 
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