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    science Quotes

    The culture is still there, and people are still doing it. I imagine some people are doing it very well indeed. As for me, it definitely was my native literary culture. Science fiction was where I'm from, but on the way to now, I went through a lot of other territory, and I wasn't really that culturally conventional an SF writer when I started.
    — William Gibson
    I think science fiction gives us a wonderful toolkit to disassemble and reexamine this kind of incomprehensible, constantly changing present that we live in, that we often live in quite uncomfortably.
    — William Gibson
    tags: live  present  fiction 
    I don't think of myself as being particulary a subversive writer, but I like to think that my work could afford someone else, the extra degree of freedom that I found when I first found science fiction.
    — William Gibson
    tags: work  freedom  fiction 
    Geometry is the noblest branch of physics.
    — William Fogg Osgood
    tags: physics 
    Science is beginning to catch up with global health problems.
    — William Foege
    tags: health  problem 
    A man's moral conscience is the curse he had to accept from the gods in order to gain from them the right to dream.
    — William Faulkner
    tags: right  conscience  god  morals  dreams 
    Every human being has a work to carry on within, duties to perform abroad, influence to exert, which are peculiarly his, and which no conscience but his own can teach.
    — William Ellery Channing
    It is far more important to me to preserve an unblemished conscience than to compass any object however great.
    — William Ellery Channing
    tags: conscience 
    Physical science has taught us to associate Deity with the normal rather than with the abnormal.
    — William Edward Hartpole Lecky
    You can be very promiscuous in your research, but not in your trading.
    — William Eckhardt
    tags: research  trading 
    The disease of an evil conscience is beyond the practice of all the physicians of all the countries in the would.
    — William E. Gladstone
    tags: evil  conscience 
    The difficulty is to know conscience from self-interest.
    — William Dean Howells
    tags: conscience 
    Honor is the moral conscience of the great.
    — William Davenant
    tags: conscience  morals  honor 
    I believe in God because of a personal faith, a faith that is consistent with what I know about science.
    — William Daniel Phillips
    tags: personal  believe  god  faith 
    The phenomena in these exhausted tubes reveal to physical science a new world-a world where matter may exist in a fourth state, where the corpuscular theory of light may be true, and where light does not always move in straight lines, but where we can never enter, and with which we must be content to observe and experiment from the outside.
    — William Crookes
    tags: world  true 
    Honor is a public enemy, and conscience a domestic, and he that would secure his pleasure, must pay a tribute to one and go halves with t'other.
    — William Congreve
    The fundamental concepts of physical science, it is now understood, are abstractions, framed by our mind, so as to bring order to an apparent chaos of phenomena.
    — William Cecil Dampier
    tags: chaos  mind  fundamental 
    But beyond the bright searchlights of science,Out of sight of the windows of sense,Old riddles still bid us defiance,Old questions of Why and of Whence.
    — William Cecil Dampier
    tags: questions 
    There is no question that Taiwan is a state in any political science definition of a state.
    — William C. Kirby
    Self-interest is the most ingenious and persuasive of all the agents that deceive our consciences, while by means of it our unhappy and stubborn prejudices operate in their greatest force.
    — William C. Bryant
    The goal of Computer Science is to build something that will last at least until we've finished building it.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: goal  computer 
    Investing is not a natural science but rather a social science. So, it's never purely empirical; what you are trying to do is everything you possibly can to enhance your probabilities of being right more often than being wrong.
    — William Browne
    tags: right  wrong 
    The habit of committing our thoughts to writing is a powerful means of expanding the mind, and producing a logical and systematic arrangement of our views and opinions. It is this which gives the writer a vast superiority, as to the accuracy and extent of his conceptions, over the mere talker. No one can ever hope to know the principles of any art or science thoroughly who does not write as well as read upon the subject.
    — William Blaikie
    The sciences are of a sociable disposition, and flourish best in the neighborhood of each other; nor is there any branch of learning but may be helped and improved by assistance drawn from other arts.
    — William Blackstone
    tags: learning 
    Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.
    — William Bernbach
    Persuasion is not a science but an art
    — William Bernbach
    I warn you against believing that advertising is a science.
    — William Bernbach
    The first and most important reason for its elimination is the unquestioned fact that evolution is not a science; it is a hypothesis only, a speculation.
    — William Bell
    tags: facts  evolution 
    When students of other sciences ask us what is now currently believed about the origin of species, we have no clear answer to give. Faith has given way to agnosticism. Meanwhile, though our faith in evolution stands unshaken we have no acceptable account of the origin of species.
    — William Bateson
    tags: faith  evolution 
    The ingredients of happiness are so simple that they can be counted on one hand. Happiness comes from within, and rests most securely on simple goodness and clear conscience.
    — William B. Ogden
    If we take seriously the word-flesh Christology of Chalcedon (i.e., the doctrine that Christ is fully human and fully divine) and view Christ as the telos toward which God is drawing the whole of creation, then any view of the sciences that leaves Christ out of the picture must be seen as fundamentally deficient.
    — William A. Dembski
    tags: human  creation  god  christ 
    Any view of the sciences that leaves Christ out of the picture must be seen as fundamentally deficient.
    — William A. Dembski
    tags: christ 
    The scientific picture of the world championed since the Enlightenment is not just wrong but massively wrong. Indeed entire fields of inquiry, especially in the human sciences, will need to be rethought from the ground up in terms of intelligent design.
    — William A. Dembski
    I think the opportunity to deal with students and getting them properly oriented on science and theology and the relation between those is going to be important because science has been such an instrument used by the materialists to undermine the Christian faith and religious belief generally.
    — William A. Dembski
    Precisely because intelligent design does not turn the study of biological origins into a Bible-science controversy, intelligent design is a position around which Christians of all stripes can unite.
    — William A. Dembski
    tags: christian 
    Intelligent design, unlike creationism, is a science in its own right and can stand on its own feet.
    — William A. Dembski
    tags: right 
    The question rather is how we should do science and theology in light of the impending collapse of Enlightenment rationalism and scientific naturalism. These ideologies are on the way out. They are on the way out.
    — William A. Dembski
    It is within science itself, and not in some prior philosophy, that reality is to be identified and described.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    Science is not a substitute for common sense, but an extension of it.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    tags: substitute 
    My position is a naturalistic one; I see philosophy not as an a priori propaedeutic or groundwork for science, but as continuous with science. I see philosophy and science as in the same boat-a boat which, to revert to Neurath's figure as I so often do, we can rebuild only at sea while staying afloat in it. There is no external vantage point, no first philosophy.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    tags: philosophy 
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