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Throw false spirituality away like a pair of old shoes.
— Kyongho
I'm like an eight year old with the dressing-up box. I have the luxury of being able to change on a whim.
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— Kylie Minogue
I think faith is the one common denominator between everything that goes on at the race track - a faith in Christ.
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— Kyle Petty
Speed is relative. Does it feel fast going 70 miles per hour down an eight lane highway? No, probably not, but I bet it does if you are going down some single lane dirt road. It's the same in a race car. It depends on the track.
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— Kyle Petty
Everything moves a little quicker in Los Angeles.
— Kyle Chandler
Mecca has been banned for Christians for hundreds of years.
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— Kwasi Kwarteng
I learned a lot from Jack Welch about how to run a business.
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— Kushal Pal Singh
Ninety percent of [contemporary philosophers] see their principle task as that of beating religion out of men's heads. ... We are far from being able to provide scientific basis for the theological world view.
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— Kurt Gödel
I like Islam, it is a consistent idea of religion and open-minded.
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— Kurt Gödel
Show business is a great place to fail upward... and I guess that's what I've done.
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— Kurt Fuller
[Jazz singing] is like pornography. You can't say what it is, but you know it when you see it.
— Kurt Elling
Since I was 14. I grew up surfing. That's all I wanted to do.
— Kurt Braunohler
I love video games. I love, love, love them! I also love 'Star Wars.' I wish Jedi was a true religion.
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— Kunal Nayyar
Fans of different races, castes, ethnicities and religions who together celebrate their diversity by uniting for a common national cause. They are my foundation, they are my family. I will play my cricket for them. Their spirit is the true spirit of cricket. With me are all my people. I am Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher. I am a Buddhist, a Hindu, a follower of Islam and Christianity. I am today, and always, proudly Sri Lankan
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— Kumar Sangakkara
I am Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher. I am a Buddhist, a Hindu, a follower of Islam and Christianity. I am today, and always, proudly Sri Lankan.
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— Kumar Sangakkara
The whole religion of Islam is based on reward and punishment and reward and punishment, and it becomes a part of how you think of everything. Even yourself.
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— Kumail Nanjiani
Independent record stores are like a casino where you put down your money and you always win. How amazing to discover gems you didn't know about, to meet someone more passionate than you are, and to feel at home in a place you may never have been to before. I'm convinced they will never lose their place - Long may they rule.
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— KT Tunstall
Big business has many tools to make us pay for the crisis of their system.
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— Kshama Sawant
Big Oil, Wall Street and big business as a whole - they stand in the way of the kinds of change needed. They are fiercely against the radical reforms Bernie Sanders is popularizing.
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— Kshama Sawant
Are you tired of lyrical liars, passing fliers,Wannabe MC's, but really good triers,Tripping over mic cords, getting you bored,A total fraud, this kind of thing I can't afford!
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— KRS-One
When I say hip-hoppers, I mean black, white, Asian, Latino, Chicano, everybody. Everybody. Hip-hop has united all races. Hip-hop has formed a platform for all people, religions, and occupations to meet on something. We all have a platform to meet on now, due to hip-hop. That, to me, is beyond music. That is just a brilliant, brilliant thing.
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— KRS-One
I always blend my mascaras, since some are better at lengthening and others are better at thickening.
— Kristinia DeBarge
I wasn't raised with a specific religion. I wasn't raised to judge people in any way.
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— Kristin Kreuk
We didn't really swallow much of the Jesus thing, but we got the vocab.
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— Kristin Hersh
The songs keep on writing themselves, and I really love them. It's as close as I get to a religion.
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— Kristin Hersh
They had me all happy, singing. It was very awkward. I think the writers are frantically planning something appropriate to honor him, but we don't know what.
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— Kristin Chenoweth
We sing because we can't speak anymore.
— Kristin Chenoweth
I was a spiritual kid.
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— Kristin Chenoweth
I'm suspicious of the notion of a single book that would benefit everyone to read.
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— Kristin Cashore
We can thank God for everything good, and all the rest we don't comprehend yet.
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— Kristin Armstrong
I think that there are many different ways of getting and staying sober. Like religion, I just don't think that one way is the only way.
— Kristen Johnston
I'm empathetic to a fault. I really do - embarrassingly enough - tear up when someone squishes a bug in front of me.
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— Kristen Bell
Acting is what I've pursued since I was a child.
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— Kristanna Loken
If God is God, we cant be afraid of what we can learn.
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— Krista Tippett
For every shrill and violent voice that throws itself in front of microphones and cameras in the name of God, there are countless lives of gentleness and good works who will not. We need to see and hear them, as well, to understand the whole story of religion in our world.
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— Krista Tippett
In many ways, religion comes from the same place in us that art comes from. The language of the human heart if poetry
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— Krista Tippett
The duty that we owe to the Universe is our religion.
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— Krishnananda Saraswati
What man needs is not philosophy or religion in the academic or formalistic sense of the term, but ability to think rightly. The malady of the age is not absence of philosophy or even irreligion but wrong thinking and a vanity which passes for knowledge. Though it is difficult to define right thinking, it cannot be denied that it is the goal of the aspirations of everyone.
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— Krishnananda Saraswati
I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.
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— Kris Kristofferson
Above all, cancer is a spiritual practice that teaches me about faith and resilience.
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— Kris Carr