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    miscellaneous Quotes

    [Making movies is] 80% script and 20% getting great actors. There's nothing else to it.
    — William Wyler
    tags: movie 
    A day will come when the European god of the nineteenth century will be classed with the gods of Olympus and the Nile.
    — William Winwood Reade
    tags: god 
    Admiration is one of the most bewitching, enthusiastic passions of the mind; and every common moralist knows that it arises from novelty and surprise, the inseparable attendants of imposture.
    — William Warburton
    tags: passion 
    There are no atheist in foxholes.
    — William Thomas Cummings
    tags: atheist 
    There are no atheists in the foxholes.
    — William Thomas Cummings
    tags: atheist 
    Once we have tasted far streams, touched the gold, found some limit beyond the waterfall, a season changes and we come back changed but safe, quiet, grateful.
    — William Stafford
    Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.
    — William Stafford
    tags: music  learn  dance 
    One way to find your place is like the rain, a million requests for lodging, one that wins, finds your cheek: you find your home.
    — William Stafford
    tags: rain 
    I'll be Pavlov, you be the dog.
    — William Stafford
    tags: dog 
    The lines of poetry, the period of prose, and even the texts of Scripture most frequently recollected and quoted, are those which are felt to be preeminently musical.
    — William Shenstone
    tags: poetry 
    Your cadence is your music.
    — William Shatner
    tags: music 
    I've got rock 'n' roll in my blood.
    — William Shatner
    tags: blood 
    I did a movie in Esperanto.
    — William Shatner
    tags: movie 
    The ability to breathe the air and drink the water will be what the wars will be about from here on in. And it's coming with alarming rapidity.
    — William Shatner
    tags: water  war 
    Sci-fi films are the epic films of the day because we can no longer put 10,000 extras in the scene - but we can draw thousands of aliens with computers.
    — William Shatner
    tags: film  computer 
    I'm anxious to make another film.
    — William Shatner
    tags: film 
    I'm a performer, comedian, entertainer, writer and director.
    — William Shatner
    Remember...that you are redeemed of the Lord [Ephesians 1:7]-that you are bought with a price [1 Corinthians 6:20], even the inestimable price of the precious blood of the Son of God...Acquaint yourselves with Him in His word and holy ordinances.
    — William Samuel Johnson
    tags: blood  holy  son 
    Writers who used to show off their erudition no longer sing in the bare ruined choir of the media.
    — William Safire
    tags: media 
    Gambling is a disease of barbarians superficially civilized.
    — William Ralph Inge
    tags: gambling 
    Listen to and sing the music of heaven.
    — William R. Bradford
    tags: music  heaven 
    It wasn't long ago I was cleaning toilets and now I have protestors. How cool is this?
    — William P. Young
    tags: toilet 
    Composing for concert performance is a somewhat lonely occupation, but composing a film score is highly collaborative.
    — William P. Perry
    tags: film  occupation 
    Deep thinking in the ranks leads only to drinking.
    — William Overgard
    tags: drinking  thinking 
    The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.
    — William Osler
    tags: ignorance 
    Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.
    — William Osler
    tags: water 
    I cut London Boulevard pretty aggressively, but I liked the transitions and the elliptical feel that I got. It's not an exceptionally easy film to follow. You have to know that the paparazzo looks like Mark David Chapman. He hasn't got an expositional sign on him.
    — William Monahan
    tags: film 
    Redrafts can be very lucrative for me, but you must understand that if films go through many drafts or writers it's because someone doesn't want to do the picture and never will.
    — William Monahan
    tags: film 
    If you see, as I do, in edited film, you're going to end up as a director.
    — William Monahan
    tags: film 
    I didn't read this book-I inhaled it. This a terrific new take on a great old rock n roll story, a clash of the musical titans.
    — William McKeen
    tags: stories  read 
    If you turn the imagination loose like a hunting dog, it will often return with the bird in its mouth.
    — William Maxwell
    tags: dog  imagination 
    The colors of the underwater rock [are] as pale and delicate as those in the wardrobe of an 18th-century marchioness.
    — William Manchester
    In this year 1634, I purchased the moiety of thirteen houses in the Strand for five hundred and thirty pounds.
    — William Lilly
    tags: pounds  year 
    You should not see the desert simply as some faraway place of little rain. There are many forms of thirst.
    — William Langewiesche
    tags: rain 
    The person who follows the pursuit of reason unflinchingly toward its end will be atheistic or, at best, agnostic.
    — William Lane Craig
    tags: people 
    [Donald ] Trump is more important than all of us. He's more important than the media.
    — William Kristol
    tags: media 
    His very foot has music in 't As he comes up the stairs.
    — William Julius Mickle
    tags: music 
    The first thing to understand is the difference between the natural person and the fictitious person called a corporation. They differ in the purpose for which they are created, in the strength which they possess, and in the restraints under which they act.
    — William Jennings Bryan
    tags: people  strength 
    When I was nine years old I use to copy ( not trace ) the covers of the Donald Duck comics. Many years later I became a close friend of Jack Hannah, the director of the Donald Duck film shorts.
    — William Jackson
    tags: friends  film  year 
    I have never had sex with that woman, Hillary Clinton.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: women  sex 
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