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    knowledge Quotes

    We disbanded our intelligence and then found we needed it. Let's not go through that again. Redirect it, reduce the amount of money spent, but let's not destroy it. Because you don't know 10 years out what you're going to face.
    — William Colby
    tags: intelligence  money  year 
    Learning consists of ideas, and not of the noise that is made by the mouth.
    — William Cobbett
    tags: learning  ideas 
    You can never tell what's in a woman's mind,And if she's from Harlem, there's no use o' tryin
    — William Christopher Handy
    There seems no limit to research, for as been truly said, the more the sphere of knowledge grows, the larger becomes the surface of contact with the unknown.
    — William Cecil Dampier
    tags: research 
    Brave spirits are a balsam to themselves,There is a nobleness of mind that healsWounds beyond salves.
    — William Cartwright
    tags: mind  spirit 
    The fool inherits, but the wise must get.
    — William Cartwright
    tags: wise  fools 
    Imagination though it cannot wipe out the sting of remorse can instruct the mind in its proper uses.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: mind  imagination 
    Divorce is the sign of knowledge in our time.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: time  divorce 
    Minds like beds always made up (more stony than a shore) unwilling or unable.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: mind 
    If I admire my arms, my face,my shoulders, flanks, buttocksagainst the yellow drawn shades,-Who shall say I am notthe happy genius of my household?
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: genius 
    Harvard is first and foremost a university and not a consulting operation, and our job here is to teach and to research and to create knowledge on Asia in conjunction and in cooperation with scholars as well as with political, intellectual, and cultural leaders in Asia.
    — William C. Kirby
    The journalist should be on his guard against publishing what is false in taste or exceptionable in morals.
    — William C. Bryant
    tags: morals 
    All great poets have been men of great knowledge.
    — William C. Bryant
    tags: men  poet 
    You must try to make the most of all that comes but also don't forget to learn a lot of all that goes.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: learn 
    Geology holds the keys of one of the kingdoms of nature; and it cannot be said that a science which extends our Knowledge, and by consequence our Power, over a third part of nature, holds a low place among intellectual employments.
    — William Buckland
    tags: nature  power  key  consequence 
    When it's mutual, a man and a woman know, instinctively, wordlessly. They may do nothing about it, but the knowledge of that shared desire is out there in the world - as obvious as neon, saying: I want you, I want you, I want you.
    — William Boyd
    tags: desires  men  women  world 
    The last thing we ever learn about ourselves is our effect.
    — William Boyd
    tags: learn 
    The object of all the former voyages to the South Seas undertaken by the command of his present majesty, has been the advancement of science and the increase of knowledge.
    — William Bligh
    tags: present 
    Until the content of a belief is made clear, the appeal to accept the belief on faith is beside the point, for one would not know what one has accepted. The request for the meaning of a religious belief is logically prior to the question of accepting that belief on faith or to the question of whether that belief constitutes knowledge.
    — William Blackstone
    Data is not intelligence.
    — William Binney
    tags: intelligence 
    Scandal is the sport of its authors, the dread of fools, and the contempt of the wise.
    — William Benton Clulow
    tags: wise  author  fools 
    Man often acquires just so much knowledge as to discover his ignorance, and attains so much experience as to regret his follies, and then dies.
    — William Benton Clulow
    Have we come to the point where it is now considered a secular blasphemy to acknowledge the name of God at all?
    — William Bennett
    tags: god 
    We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom.
    — William Bell
    tags: wisdom 
    I read a lot of prose poetry and get inspired by more-so just a state of mind.
    — William Beckett
    tags: mind  poetry  read 
    When I wrestled in College, my team was very good.
    — William Baldwin
    tags: college 
    Essentialists hope that when students leave school, they will possess not only basic skills and an extensive body of knowledge, but also disciplined, practical minds, capable of applying schoolhouse lessons in the real world.
    — William Bagley
    tags: lessons  world  body  real  school  mind  hope 
    Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly every day.
    — William Allingham
    tags: learning  writing 
    I'm not saying that atheists can't act morally or have moral knowledge. But when I ascribe virtue to an atheist, it's as a theist who sees the atheist as conforming to objective moral values. The atheist, by contrast, has no such basis for morality. And yet all moral judgments require a basis for morality, some standard of right and wrong.
    — William A. Dembski
    Every good soldier wants to live in an organized environment, secure in the knowledge that he or she will not be threatened or harassed by others, confident that his or her efforts will be recognized, and aware that the nonproductive soldier will be invited to leave. In such an environment, soldiers will be proud of their units and will demonstrate that pride with their performance and behavior.
    — William A. Connelly
    tags: live  environment  pride 
    Nonbeing must in some sense be, otherwise what is it that there is not? This tangled doctrine might be nicknamed Plato's beard; historically it has proved tough, frequently dulling the edge of Occam's razor.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    We do not learn first what to talk about and then what to say about it.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    tags: learn 
    The totality of our so-called knowledge or beliefs, from the most casual matters of geography and history to the profoundest laws of atomic physics or even of pure mathematics and logic, is a man-made fabric which impinges on experience only along the edges. Or, to change the figure, total science is like a field of force whose boundary conditions are experience.
    — Willard Van Orman Quine
    In high school, I weighed 175 to 180. I looked like Abraham Lincoln. I was 6-foot-3, biggest thing in the class, but tall, not fat.
    — Willard Scott
    tags: school 
    The future of the world, dependent as it is upon atomic energy, requires more understanding and knowledge about the atom.
    — Willard Libby
    Minds are like oysters. They spoil if you pry them open.
    — Willa Gibbs
    tags: mind 
    Some things are best learned in calm, others in storm.
    — Willa Cather
    There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.
    — Willa Cather
    tags: learn 
    One afternoon late in October of the year 1697, Euclide Auclair, the philosopher apothecary of Quebec, stood on the top of Cap Diamant gazing down the broad, empty river far beneath him.
    — Willa Cather
    tags: philosopher  year 
    If my mind's not trying to fix something or create something, I don't know what to do. It just throws me off.
    — will.i.am
    tags: mind 
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