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    knowledge Quotes

    One of the marks of a great teacher lies not only in an ability to impart knowledge but also in knowing when to encourage a student to go off on his own.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: encourage  lies  knowing 
    I learn something not because I have to, but because I really want to. That's the same view I have for performing. I'm performing because I really want to, not because I have to bring bread back home.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: learn 
    I wasn't very big on going to school. I tried to get a gig as a luthier.
    — Yngwie Malmsteen
    tags: school 
    And everyone must lose his mind, everyone must! The sooner the better! It is essential - I know it.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: mind 
    Knowledge! What does that mean? Your knowledge is nothing but cowardice. No, really, that's all it is. You just want to put a little wall around infinity. And you're afraid to look on the other side of that wall.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: afraid 
    Knowledge, absolutely sure of its infallibility, is faith.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: faith 
    You learn how to be an individual quick after 15 schools, man. After the first five or six, you realize you're always gonna be the new kid.
    — Yelawolf
    tags: men  school  learn  kids 
    We embark unhesitatingly on the path, in a direction that is absolutely right and urgent, supported by everyone, in the knowledge that this path is but a learning process
    — Yehudi Menuhin
    tags: process  right  learning  path 
    Overthinking is often a product of underdoing.
    — Yehuda Berg
    When you're truly connecting with wisdom, the more you learn, the more you realize the less you know.
    — Yehuda Berg
    tags: wisdom  learn 
    There are two languages: one as things seem to us and the other of knowledge.
    — Yehuda Amichai
    I have a flood of ideas in my mind. I just follow my vision.
    — Yayoi Kusama
    tags: mind  vision  ideas 
    The wide screen reminds me of a roll of toilet paper.
    — Yasujiro Ozu
    tags: toilet 
    I didn't know I wanted to be actor when I was four.I did it at the beginning because my brother did it before me and it was a hobby. I didn't mind doing it. But then it got more serious.
    — Yasmin Paige
    tags: mind 
    Sigh... I have learned that *everything* is so hard...except what Allah makes easy. So we must *beg* Him to make it easy on us.
    — Yasmin Mogahed
    I finished my high school. I think an educate is very, very important.
    — Yao Ming
    tags: school 
    I am so happy that I didn't go to school and I didn't have anyone to tell me how to position my fingers on the piano correctly.
    — Yanni
    tags: school 
    Sometimes the knowledge you've been given in school or by an elder - 'this is just the way it is' - keeps you from accomplishing because it traps you in a box in your mind and limits your freedom to deliver.
    — Yanni
    tags: freedom  school  mind 
    Let's play with sound, forget all knowledge and instrumental skills, and just use instinct " the same way punk did.
    — Yann Tiersen
    tags: instinct 
    An image of the earth, its landscapes, directly affects people. The beauty of the earth creates enormous emotion, and through that emotion, you can transmit knowledge and raise consciousness
    — Yann Arthus-Bertrand
    tags: beauty  people  emotion  earth 
    All abilities come from one mind
    — Yamamoto Tsunetomo
    tags: mind 
    If the quickness of the mind and the fluency of the tongue are too punctilious and sharp, moderate them in your activity and rest.
    — Xunzi
    tags: mind 
    If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity.
    — Xunzi
    Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
    — Xunzi
    tags: learn 
    It takes a wise man to recognize a wise man.
    — Xenophanes
    tags: men  wise 
    Go away, you give philosophy nothing to catch hold of.
    — Xenocrates
    tags: philosophy 
    I don't belong to any school or clique or ghetto. I don't have any preconceived ideas. I'm trying to serve a story and not a genre or a style.
    — Xavier Dolan
    tags: school  stories  ideas 
    A man only goes and confesses his faults to the world when his self will not acknowledge or listen to them.
    — Wyndham Lewis
    tags: men  world  self 
    Eggs Benedict is genius. It's eggs covered in eggs. I mean, come on, that person should be the president.
    — Wylie Dufresne
    tags: people  genius 
    Search back into your own vision- think back to the mind that thinks. Who is it?
    — Wumen Huikai
    tags: mind 
    Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.
    — Woody Guthrie
    tags: genius  fools 
    If you want to learn something, just steal it.
    — Woody Guthrie
    tags: learn 
    To do things today exactly the way you did them yesterday saves thinking.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: thinking 
    The legislator must be in advance of his age.Across the mind of the statesman flash ever and anon the brilliant, though partial, intimations of future events.... Something which is more than fore-sight and less than prophetic knowledge marks the statesman a peculiar being among his contemporaries.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    Such a mind we must desire to see in a woman,-a mind that stirs without irritating you, that arouses but does not belabour, amuses and yet subtly instructs.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: desires  mind 
    The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    The greatest embarrassment of my political career has been that active duties seem to deprive me of time for careful investigation. I seem almost obliged to form conclusions from impressions instead of from study.... I wish that I had more knowledge, more thorough acquaintance, with the matters involved.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: time  wishes  career  political 
    Later, however, I came to recognize the objective nature of these dreams or fantasies ... Thus it was that I gradually came to acknowledge that such fantasies or dreams are neither meaningless nor purely arbitrary but rather convey a sort of "second meaning" of the terms applied.
    — Wolfgang Pauli
    tags: fantasy  nature  dreams 
    I do not mind if you think slowly, but I do object when you publish more quickly than you think.
    — Wolfgang Paul
    tags: mind 
    By the age of nine I had a thorough knowledge of contemporary Polish literature as well as of foreign literature in Polish translation, and I began to write poems in honour of a lady of thirty years. Naturally, she knew nothing about them.
    — Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont
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