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    inspirational Quotes

    There's no such thing as success on an isolated level.
    — Questlove
    tags: success 
    For all its considerable merits and inspirational principles, the American system is based upon a continuous uninterrupted process of election campaigns, stretching out year after year. Lost in the perpetual scramble is any long-term vision.
    — Queen Noor of Jordan
    tags: process  lost  vision  american  year 
    Always follow your own path.
    — Queen Latifah
    tags: path 
    What were once only hopes for the future have now come to pass; it is almost exactly 13 years since the overwhelming majority of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland voted in favour of the agreement signed on Good Friday 1998, paving the way for Northern Ireland to become the exciting and inspirational place that it is today.
    — Queen Elizabeth II
    tags: people  future  hope  year  majority 
    Numbers have a way of taking a man by the hand and leading him down the path of reason.
    — Pythagoras
    tags: men  path 
    Declining from the public ways, walk in unfrequented paths.
    — Pythagoras
    tags: path 
    The history of any nation is not only a succession of events, but also a chain of ideas.
    — Pyotr Chaadayev
    tags: ideas 
    Sitting with the woman of your dreams and forgetting what her name is.
    — Pusha T
    tags: women  dreams 
    The only thing I could think of - because I really don't like categories - but the only thing I could think of is inspirational, and I think music that is from the heart falls right into that category.
    — Prince
    tags: heart  right  music 
    Act as if success is certain.
    — Price Pritchett
    tags: success 
    The measure of your success will be the measure of your generosity.
    — Pope John Paul II
    tags: success 
    You know your path, child, now follow it.
    — Pocahontas
    tags: children  child  path 
    I like to be around things that I find inspiring.
    — PJ Harvey
    tags: inspiring 
    Success for the striven washes away the effort of striving.
    — Pindar
    tags: success 
    Be commonplace and creeping and you'll be a success.
    — Pierre Beaumarchais
    tags: success 
    I had big dreams when I was a boy. And I can't say that I never saw a beach house in Malibu in those dreams.
    — Pierce Brosnan
    tags: boys  dreams 
    The reason we shot it was that the script was geared to Las Vegas and it was something commercial that we wanted to have in the can in case Butterfly was a success and we needed a follow-up.
    — Pia Zadora
    tags: success  butterfly 
    Nothing fails like success; nothing is so defeated as yesterday's triumphant Cause.
    — Phyllis McGinley
    tags: fail 
    But alas for the dreams that round us play! / For the plans of mortal making! / And alas for the false and fickle day / That looked so fair at waking!
    — Phoebe Cary
    tags: dreams 
    To find his place and fill it is success for a man.
    — Phillips Brooks
    tags: men  success 
    One of the reasons I wanted to collaborate with Target is because I felt that together we could create a collection that would inspire - one that is cool and chic, but still very accessible.
    — Phillip Lim
    tags: inspire 
    Unless you are willing to try, fail miserable, and try again, success won't happen.
    — Phillip Adams
    tags: success  fail 
    Every day I practise my flute. I've been doing it for decades and every day I find something new that inspires me for all the rest that I do in my days.
    — Philippe Kahn
    tags: inspire 
    Academic success depends on research and publications.
    — Philip Zimbardo
    tags: success  research 
    Every apathetic individual is a brick in a tyrant's throne.
    — Philip Slater
    The result can be quite new - perhaps a tendency to judge that something we've never conceived of is possible, or to feel sympathy for a trait or a type of person whom we've regarded with indifference or even hostility.
    — Philip Kitcher
    tags: people 
    I will not give or back off from my path.
    — Phil Robertson
    tags: path 
    If you look around my room, you see lots of lists. I'm inspired by what's up on the wall.
    — Phil Keoghan
    Step by step, a path; stone by stone, a cathedral,' my great-grandfather used to say.
    — Phil Cousineau
    I think if you're inspired, you don't let a little thing like scheduling and deadlines get in your way.
    — Phil Collen
    That was the most exciting period, I think: at first, when you get the success on that really large scale.
    — Phil Collen
    tags: success 
    Today's 'best practices' lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried.
    — Peter Thiel
    tags: path 
    The road doesn't have to be infinite after all. Take the hidden paths.
    — Peter Thiel
    tags: path 
    Every day is like that, eight successive meetings on eight different topics, every one really important and interesting.
    — Peter R. Orszag
    tags: meeting 
    Psychoanalytic theory is the most stupendous intellectual confidence trick of the twentieth century and a terminal product as well-something akin to a dinosaur or zeppelin in the history of ideas, a vast structure of radically unsound design and with no posterity.
    — Peter Medawar
    tags: confidence  ideas 
    Replace your pursuit of success with the pursuit of contribution.
    — Peter Drucker
    tags: success 
    Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big.
    — Peter Diamandis
    tags: space  dreams 
    Why follow the steps of another to find out where our dreams will lead us.
    — Peter Block
    tags: dreams 
    I only get involved with projects as a producer if I feel creatively inspired.
    — Peter Billingsley
    The top line is that hubris is a disease that comes from success.
    — Peter Beinart
    tags: success 
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