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    economy Quotes

    You know what higher interest rates mean. To you it means a higher mortgage payment, a higher car payment, a higher credit card payment. To our economy, it means business people will not borrow as much money, invest as much money, create as many new jobs, create as much wealth, raise as many raises.
    — William J. Clinton
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    What we should be doing [in US] is accelerating every year our efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, have a cleaner energy future, have much more energy conservation. And this won't hurt anybody. This will create a new economy for America, if we've got the discipline to do it.
    — William J. Clinton
    We have to change the whole job structure of America. We have got to basically reorient our economy toward the future.
    — William J. Clinton
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    I believe we can do much more to adapt to the structural changes in the global economy, get high-end manufacturing back here, set up clusters of economic activity where you have, among other things, continuous retraining of people well into their middle years so they never become irrelevant to the current job market.
    — William J. Clinton
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    Every tax cut I call for is targeted, it's responsible and it is paid for within my balanced budget plan. My tax cuts will not undermine our economy. They will speed economic growth.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: growth  economics  tax 
    There is no example on the planet of a successful economy with broadly shared prosperity and a shrinking, weak government.
    — William J. Clinton
    In the domain of cops and robbers, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy.
    — William Irwin Thompson
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    Military force is irrelevant to many of the most urgent threats we face. If we are to solve our myriad domestic problems and revitalize our economy we need to be more selective about our involvement in foreign crises large and small.
    — William Hartung
    tags: problem  military 
    The total economy of Latin America is bigger than China.
    — William Hague
    tags: america 
    The low carbon economy is at the leading edge of a structural shift now taking place globally...
    — William Hague
    But I deny that the Constitution recognizes property in man.
    — William H. Seward
    tags: men  property 
    Folks in the bottom half of the economy are already squeezed hard. They will be bloodied and bankrupt if economic policy inadvertently induces a recession.
    — William Greider
    tags: economics 
    The economy is not governed with the bottom half in mind.
    — William Greider
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    I never have known a man of ordinary common-sense who did not urge upon his sons, from earliest childhood, doctrines of economy and the practice of accumulation.
    — William Graham Sumner
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    Then, again, the ability to organize and conduct industrial, commercial, or financial enterprises is rare; the great captains of industry are as rare as great generals.
    — William Graham Sumner
    tags: financial 
    There is no device whatever to be invented for securing happiness without industry, economy, and virtue.
    — William Graham Sumner
    tags: happiness  virtue 
    What strikes me about Toronto is that Toronto's great misfortune was to have too much money in the late 70s and early 80s, and consequently, it built in the style of those periods, which is hideous.
    — William Gibson
    tags: money 
    I can see television much more easily than I can see features, because the economy and politics of making big, big features seems to me to be narrowing even from what it was.
    — William Gibson
    tags: politics 
    It's the most satisfying occupation man has discovered yet, because you never can quite do it as well as you want to, so there's always something to wake up tomorrow morning to do.
    — William Faulkner
    tags: men  occupation  tomorrow 
    To buy very good wine nowadays requires only money. To serve it to your guests is a sign of fatigue.
    — William F. Buckley, Jr.
    tags: money 
    The nation ought to have a tax system which looks like someone designed it on purpose.
    — William E. Simon
    tags: tax 
    This new (technology) that is so transforming our world and economy is not going to work unless it works for everyone.
    — William E. Kennard
    tags: work  world 
    The idea of abolishing Income Tax is to me highly attractive, both on other grounds and because it tends to public economy.
    — William E. Gladstone
    tags: ideas  tax 
    Commerce is the equalizer of the wealth of nations.
    — William E. Gladstone
    tags: wealth 
    Honing a thing down until you can still get through with economy, that's power.
    — William Dobell
    tags: power 
    Absence of occupation is not rest.
    — William Cowper
    tags: occupation 
    Lend your money and lose your friend.
    — William Caxton
    tags: friends  money 
    Prose may carry a load of ill-defined matters like a ship. But poetry is the machine which drives it, pruned to a perfect economy.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: poetry  machine 
    Taiwan is a major economy.
    — William C. Kirby
    The more you find out about the world economy, the less you may truly know.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: world 
    Good cookery is not an extravagance but an economy, and many a tasty dish is made by our Continental friends out of materials which would be discarded indignantly by the poorest tramp in Whitechapel.
    — William Booth
    tags: friends 
    Any magazine editor will tell you, Colin Farrell still sells better than Colin Powell.
    — William Bastone
    tags: sell 
    A strong economy causes an increase in the demand for housing; the increased demand for housing drives real-estate prices and rentals through the roof. And then affordable housing becomes completely inaccessible.
    — William Baldwin
    tags: strong 
    In an online community, there's this kind of social economy between the community members. Some people have status because they make cool skins or that's a good website that's visited a lot, but there's no real gameplay there.
    — Will Wright
    tags: people  community  real 
    You can't win enough, you can't have enough money, you can't succeed enough. There is not enough.
    — Will Smith
    tags: money 
    Investment is not only volatile, it is the key motor of the economy's prosperity because it has a snowball effect.
    — Will Hutton
    tags: key  volatile 
    One of the challenges you will face is finding a job in our depressed economy, ... In fact, the chances of finding a job are about as good as finding weapons of mass destruction in the Iraqi desert - slim and none, and slim just left the building.
    — Will Ferrell
    I'm professional, I'm allowed to say this. I let him lick my balls. So, that's what you need to get close with your animal.
    — Will Ferrell
    tags: animals 
    If our economy of freedom fails to distribute wealth as ably as it has created it, the road to dictatorship will be open to any man who can persuasively promise security to all.
    — Will Durant
    tags: men  freedom  wealth  fail 
    I remember asking my dad, "Why didn't you ever move to the States? You probably could have made a lot more money." My dad said, "Because I have an obligation to give back." I always admired him for that.
    — Will Arnett
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