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    country Quotes

    Clutter is the disease of American writing.
    — William Zinsser
    tags: writing  american 
    The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and also, the whole body of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers and so on.
    — William Z. Foster
    A mistress should be like a little country retreat near the town, not to dwell in constantly, but only for a night and away.
    — William Wycherley
    tags: night 
    What should we suppose must naturally be the consequence of our carrying on a slave trade with Africa? With a country, vast in its extent, not utterly barbarous, but civilized in a very small degree? Does any one suppose a slave trade would help their civilization?
    — William Wilberforce
    tags: help  consequence 
    If any country were indeed filled with men, each thus diligently discharging the duties of his own station without breaking in upon the rights of others, but on the contrary endeavoring, so far as he might be able, to forward their views and promote their happiness, all would be active and harmonious in the goodly frame of human society.
    — William Wilberforce
    tags: happiness  men  society  human  right 
    The Labour Party is going about the country stirring up apathy.
    — William Whitelaw, 1st Viscount Whitelaw
    Hence no force, however great, can stretch a cord, however fine, into a horizontal line which is accurately straight: there will always be a bending downwards.
    — William Whewell
    Television is an instrument which can paralyze this country.
    — William Westmoreland
    This is emphatically an age of discoveries; but I will venture the assertion, that none but an American slaveholder could have discovered that a man born in a country was not a citizen of it.
    — William Wells Brown
    tags: men  age  american 
    Though slavery is thought, by some, to be mild in Missouri, when compared with the cotton, sugar and rice growing states, yet no part of our slave-holding country is more noted for the barbarity of its inhabitants than St. Louis.
    — William Wells Brown
    tags: thoughts  slavery 
    I was not only hunting for my liberty, but also hunting for my name.
    — William Wells Brown
    tags: liberty 
    I suggest to you that increasing the size of America's economic pie - which can be achieved only if everybody has a seat at the table - is the most important challenge facing our country today.
    — William Weld
    I think the dignity of Congress and the dignity of the country demands something more than merely censure here.
    — William Weld
    tags: dignity  congress 
    I don't understand the Democrats' approach to Social Security in this country, and I'm not alone.
    — William Weld
    tags: alone 
    I have come to realize that Jesse Helms stands for everything in politics that is anathema to me.
    — William Weld
    tags: politics 
    [Donald Trump] just would not be in his element and I think he would wobble off course and I think the country just can't have that.
    — William Weld
    We're getting to the point where we're impinging on democratic institutions in this country and I think, you know, it takes a certain - not a suspension of disbelief - but willingness to go along with other people to get the ship of state going forward. I'm not sure that happens in a [Donald] Trump presidency, frankly.
    — William Weld
    tags: people 
    [Donald Trump] would be chaos for the country, I think.
    — William Weld
    tags: chaos 
    As Governor of my country, I have been an enemy to its enemies; I have slain the English; I have mortally opposed the English King; I have stormed and taken the towns and castles which he unjustly claimed as his own.
    — William Wallace
    tags: enemies  enemy 
    Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they'd follow you. And so would I
    — William Wallace
    We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free.
    — William Wallace
    tags: wrong  battle 
    There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it
    — William Wallace
    tags: people  freedom 
    The mind has been likened to a piece of paper that has been folded. Ever afterwards it has a tendency to fold in the same crease-unless we make a new crease or fold, when it will follow the last lines.
    — William Walker Atkinson
    tags: mind 
    All that I do and suffer is but the way to the reward, and not the deserving thereof.
    — William Tyndale
    I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.
    — William Tyler
    tags: enemies  believe  respect  law  enemy 
    An editor is the uncrowned king of an educated democracy.
    — William Thomas Stead
    tags: democracy 
    After all, I think Forrest was the most remarkable man our Civil War produced on either side.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: men  war 
    The only good Indian is a dead Indian
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    The more Indians we can kill... the less will have to be killed the next war, for the more I see of these Indians, the more convinced I am that they all have to be killed or be maintained as a species of paupers.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: war 
    We can make war so terrible and make them so sick of war that generations pass away before they again appeal to it.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: war 
    In our Country... one class of men makes war and leaves another to fight it out.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: men  fight  war 
    Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: war 
    You mistake, too, the people of the North. They are a peaceable people but an earnest people, and they will fight, too. They are not going to let this country be destroyed without a mighty effort to save it. Besides, where are your men and appliances of war to contend against them?
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: men  people  mistakes  fight  war 
    You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: war 
    War is at best barbarism.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: war 
    You people of the South don't know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization! You people speak so lightly of war; you don't know what you're talking about.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: crimes  people  madness  blood  god 
    We cannot change the hearts of the people of the South, but we can make war so terrible that they will realize the fact that however brave and gallant and devoted to their country still they are mortal and should exhaust all peaceful remedies before they fly to war.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: people  heart  facts  war 
    What this country needs... what this great land of ours needs is something to happen to it. Something ferocious and tragic, like what happened to Jericho or the cities of the plain - something terrible I mean, son, so that when the people have been through hellfire and the crucible, and have suffered agony enough and grief, they'll be people again, human beings, not a bunch of smug contented cows rooting at the trough.
    — William Styron
    tags: people  grief  human  son 
    The Fall is where the nation is. The Fall is the locus of America.
    — William Stringfellow
    tags: america 
    The laws of thought are natural laws with which we have no power to interfere, and which are of course not to be in any way confused with the artificial laws of a country, which are invented by men and can be altered by them. Every science is occupied in detecting and describing the natural laws which are inflexibly observed by the objects treated in the Science.
    — William Stanley Jevons
    tags: men  power  thoughts  law 
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