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The strange thing about television is that it doesn't tell you everything.
— Walter Tevis
New York is nearly a grave. The Empire State Building is its gravestone.
— Walter Tevis
Reading is the subtle and thorough sharing of the ideas and feelings by underhanded means. It is a gross invasion of Privacy and a direct violation of the Constitutions of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Age. The Teaching of Reading is equally a crime against Privacy and Personhood. One to five years on each count.
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— Walter Tevis
I feel free and strong. If I were not a reader of books I could not feel this way. Whatever may happen to me, thank God that I can read, that I have truly touched the minds of other men.
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— Walter Tevis
walter tevis
Birth    : February 28, 1928
Death  : August 8, 1984
Occupation  : Novelist