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I must love big novels, because that's what I've written. It takes a while before you begin to breathe the air the characters breathe.
tags: character novel
— Norman Rush
It's a rare reader who doesn't go to the novel looking for a kind of encouragement to live.
tags: live novel
— Norman Rush
I wanted to incorporate everything, understand everything, because time is cruel and nothing stays the same.
tags: time
— Norman Rush
The characters write the plot. Their natures do.
tags: character nature write
— Norman Rush
Small breasts are best for the long haul.
— Norman Rush
It was a standard fantasy when you fell in love to imagine you could go back in time and find your beloved growing up, appear there, save him or her, get together as adolescents, by magic, and go on together, fighting for one another, into old age, never wavering.
tags: fantasy time magic age fighting standard imagine
— Norman Rush
I feel like someone after a deluge being asked to describe the way it was before the flood while I'm still plucking seaweed out of my hair.
— Norman Rush
...There is a school of thought, a heresy from the madhouse of heresies in the ninth century, that says God is good and is in control of every individual thing that happens, every event, but that unfortunately the devil is in control of the timing.
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— Norman Rush
Literature is humanity talking to itself.
tags: humanity literature
— Norman Rush
norman rush
Birth    : October 24, 1933
Occupation  : Writer