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When I was a kid I used to hate getting picked for team sports. It would be the fit and sporty guys over there. And me and the fat kids over here. Those kids were fat! One girl had to be cut out a hula hoop.
tags: hate girls kids
— Alan Carr
'Civilians' is a term I love. It's what Elizabeth Hurley used to describe people who weren't on TV.
tags: people
— Alan Carr
A true friend never asks of you what they know you would never ask of them.
tags: friends true
— Alan Carr
All change requires effort and sacrifice. Sometimes action plans fail because they are based on the idea that there is a 'magic bullet' which on its own can solve our problems.This is not true. Complex human problems typically require complex solutions with many different components.
tags: magic action human sacrifice true problem ideas complex fail
— Alan Carr
I had to have a brace because I had big teeth. If I'd gone to Africa I would have got poached.
tags: gone africa
— Alan Carr
alan carr
Birth    : June 14, 1976
Occupation  : Comedian

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